too soon for early
a brighter shade of grey

grey time

After yesterday’s rant delivered here, if any of you are willing to read further, remembering that the ground is still thawing, the rain stopped, but NO SNOW… not a flake even, then maybe you should read the Harlots post of yesterday. Take it as a warning. Her weather yesterday, becomes mine today (most weather is still coming from the west. But,a Nor’easter, which does not come from the west, is speculated for this evening, I can hope). Now, that said, if you read it, you know… it’s very grey.. get under your skin, niggle with your brain, get back in bed and pull the covers up kind of GREY. I had started a bobbin of dark charcoal GREY llama on the Dixon yesterday morning.


As intrigued as I am with it, today just may be a day to work with color, maybe the blue on the Schacht. I actually was checking through my projects this morning looking for something cheerful: Light GREY socks, two shades of GREY Ingeborg (poor thing, still waiting), GREY kid mohair Clapotis, and then the very cheerful Dark Olive MH sleeve.


I stopped there, more could be hiding. C did point out some very orange roving hanging on the wall. Hmmmm..

I may take a last slosh through the woods today before the Nor’easter (see, I am optimistic) hits tonight. And, I certainly will open the windows and air the house before the temps start to fall.


Here’s a pic of the first skein of dark brown llama


And a shot from the woods.. Mother Nature wins again.




Nature can be so beautiful and unusual. It sounds like you really do need some color...go for the orange! Mittens?

Wow, that's quite some fungus among us!

It was a nice day down here, but started to gray up later in the day. Instead of doing choir laundry, I went to Jonne's and bought some really colorful mohair/acrylic blend stuff in lots of different colors. One was a nice, warm, orange. I'm thinking of a feather and fan shawl, but I'm not sure yet.

I wouldn't mind the Nor'easter if we could ALL cozy up in the house and let it blow outside. However, K. will still insist on trying to drive to work.

Celebrating the Year of the Rooster as I type, but wondering WHY the local Chinese take-away place was deserted tonight...

Judy....those pics of the grey wool and the natural object are spectacular!!!! Your camera takes extraordinary pics!!!! I'm drooling and jealous :)

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