a brighter shade of grey
not enough yarn..

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got to do exactly what I wanted to do on Valentine's Day.




  1. No, this is NOT a zoo.  My friend has taken care of these two since they were abandoned at birth.  And, this is not a cage, but a 40 acre range.
  2. Yes, they do like bananas.
  3. Yes, those lips and noses ARE as soft as they look.



Moose! They are so cool.

those are *very* sweet faces!

Wow...you weren't kidding about his having to feed the moose. Did you feed them bananas? Better not tell Zach and Bu......

Oh, that is SO COOL. Do you know I've never seen a moose "in person"? What kind of a Vermonter do I call myself?

I haven't seen moose up close since we moved from Alaska. Kind of miss those big fellows.

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