waiting it out

another day

What a difference a day can make. We finally got a day off. C’s uncle ‘babysat’ his (C’s) mother on Thursday. We motored on the water taxi 2 ½ hrs. down the intercoastal to South

Beach. Unbelievable homes!! Hotels!! And of course, more humanity than you want to imagine. The captain narrated the trip, whose house, whose boat, great fun. We headed up to the Lincoln Ave Mall area. It’s a people watching heaven. We found a great place to sit under umbrellas on the mall and ordered lunch. I’m quite sure that I had the best, by far, calamari that I’ve ever eaten, followed by a shared crème brulee. And, we watched the world go by… no one dresses (costumes themselves) like that, unless they are out to be watched. Fun stuff. Then we headed over to Ocean   Dr. for our walk touring the beautifully restored Art Deco hotels, etc. Weather threatened all day, storms were predicted. It all held off until we were on the boat, and halfway home. Even the lightning over the water was a treat. It was topsy turvy back on the home front. Mom’s purse was missing, she had left it somewhere, and so was the wallet. We dealt that card for a while; locating it finally at uncle’s house behind a sofa… it’s always something, this terrible trip into Alzheimer’s.

I’m hoping for a local version of the water trip today. This time with C’s Mom. Who knows what adventure may fall... I’m ready, already, for another knitting night with new friends. Where will you guys be this next??


YEAAAAAAA!!!! You got a day to play!!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

We will be at B&N tonight at 6:00. (Well I will be, Lynn is out of town).

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