My Flower (Easter) Basket Shawl
the best store in town

Part 1... morning..
The forecast is for rain..LOTS and LOTS of rain... 1"-2" today.  That ought to decrease the snow piles.  I've lit all the lights around my workspace hoping to stave off the grayness.  Knowing that I will be sitting at my desk, all day, on a wooden chair, staring at the monitor or alternatly at a pile of papers that may make some sense to the accountant, but never to me; has not elevated my spirits.  Even the cats are pacing around.  The promise of spring may be here, but the color is that of Mud season.   On a good day, I'd haul out bins of stashed yarn and start poking around to choose a new project.  But, this is tax day and I'm way behind.  As a reward to staying put at the desk, I'm going to go blogging every now and again.  Distractions that keep me here can't hurt.  Margene posted a picture of herself wearing Blaze. She looks absolutely beautiful in it.  I'm really tempted.  It's a project I started last winter, then frogged.  My choice of wool / alpaca was too heavy for my taste, espcially with the short sleeves.  I pulled out a couple of unfinished projects that were lounging in my many knitting bags in the den.  I was figuring on working on them first.   Damnation, those bins are all stacked behind me,  sirens calling out.. pick me, just open the lid and look for a minute...  by the end of the day, I'll need to be tied to the chair.
Part 2.. end of daylight..

As the day progressed, so did the rainfall..  two inches already and a possible 2" more tonight.  By evening I am still sitting in exactly the same place, having left it only to make tea and go to the diner for lunch.  Lucky for me, as I opened the front door, there on the porch, in the pouring rain... stupid DHL man never even rang the bell, just dumped my package and ran.. but anyway, there was a package from Betsy.   THAT was a nice surprise.  In it were these..


The other really good thing, the diner was having turkey dinner with all the good stuff.. $5.25.  I won't have to cook dinner tonight. 


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