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Beware of the BIG WHINE. After spending over a week without internet access, without phone except cell service, mostly trapped and sleep deprived in a small dark apartment with someone with limited mental access to the real world, I’m nearly speechless myself. When the phone guy called (while I was out and on my cell) to tell me that we had a dial tone, I could hardly wait to get back and log on. When I got there and picked up the receive, it was stone dead, nothing, NADA.. and so I waited, another day.  Then, out of the blue, the phone rang. Get this; it was a survey, by the phone company, to see how we liked their service. They called twice… Same thing. Finally I’m connected, at 28.8 bps. I haven’t had service this slow in at least four years. But, it’s something. My cell phone has been collecting my email, at snails pace, and it was a pretty fine thing to have. It’s almost as fast as this dial up. End of whine, maybe.

Last Monday night, I finally made it to a local S& B. Beth had emailed me before I left home and given me directions to the Barnes & Noble meeting place.

0316052  thanks Beth!

What’s better than to be able to meet like minded people when you are feeling out of place and homesick to boot. You can check out Betsy’s blog for some pics of the evening. I managed to get absolutely nothing done. I frogged back twice on the gold shawl. When I called it a night I had just discovered a forgotten pattern row, eight rows back. This morning I got it back on track. Thanks, for having me.

I’ve worked on and off on the Flower Basket shawl. It should have been long done by now. I actually did try to moblog a pic of it last week and thought that it had downloaded, only to find out when I just checked, that it wasn’t there. Aside from that, there just wasn’t any opportunity to blog. Now that I can, I’m realizing that nothing has been going on, at all. I’ve read a book. That’s it. I walk as much as I can, as often as I can break away. I’ve made it to the beach for a few minutes during several walks. I’ve walked across lots of bridges, seen evidence of incredible wealth (by the looks of the luxury yachts that are moored everywhere, and driven in more traffic than rush hour in Boston. Tomorrow, I have the opportunity to take a water taxi to South Beach for the day. I’m going. Thunderstorms are predicted. I’m still going.


The picture is just beautiful! You captured a feeling of a bright happy day.
At home the phone lines connect at 28.8...it's such a bite but better than nothing!

Hey Judy Great post and we missed you Weds. night at the yarn tree.

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