fibery weekend, almost
7:06 AM

more stuff

A few things:

  • As Saturday progressed, being outdoors became less and less inviting.  That headache signaled the cooler temps and rain to come.  Best thing for me to do was to curl up in my chair and read.  I finished The Conjurer's Bird Saturday evening.  I recommend it. Great read. Fun, too.
  • String Bean, Crash Test Dummies, had this video linked to her blog.  I saw it, it caught me, and if you have the time, it might catch you too.  You might want to keep your knitting at hand when you click on this.  A word of warning, it is quite long.  Do not attempt this on dail-up.
  • I took the sock out of the bag Friday, didn't want to haul the Vine Lace around with me, and good thing.  I was able to knit on it in the car the past couple days  and now have it as a handy excuse for why I haven't seamed up the Vine Lace.  That's next up.
  • Make sure you read Lynne's comment on the penguin sweaters.  She know what she's talking about.  This is old news for her.  Well, just old news, actually. 
  • Umm... then there was this:


  The latest low-technology billboards along highways in the Netherlands are startling enough to prompt motorists to indulge in U-turns.     

Or make that ewe-turns. These ads are walking, woolly flocks of bleating sheep. Early this month,, a Dutch online reservations company, began displaying its corporate logo on royal blue waterproof blankets worn by sheep.

The company spends 1 euro, or about $1.23 a day, per sheep and sponsors about 144 sheep in flocks throughout the Netherlands. But commercially branded sheep roaming the bucolic meadows of the northern Netherlands have prompted a reaction.

On Saturday, the town of Skarsterlan began fining 1,000 euros a day for putting branded blankets on sheep. Advertising on livestock violates the town's ban on advertising along the highways.

Read the whole article from the NY Times. 


Those sheep are too cute! I'm sorry they got fined... those blankets were protecting their fleece, after all!

I get rain-headaches too. I think it's a reaction to the drop in barometric pressure. Anyway, they're no fun, are they? :-(

The video is reminiscent of Rube Goldberg. Took me the longest time to remember his name. Famous (dead) guy who did stuff with dominoes and other such stuff. Similar to the video.

I found your site via another site from the Knitting Web Ring. I thought this was such a funny idea and I had to laugh. I know another blogger in Missouri, USA and sent her the link! This was good for a real laugh today!

I think that's a great idea! I'd stop to look!

Those sheeo cracked me up! I wonder if they get too warm in the summer?

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