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As I wound my Midwest Moonlight silk scarf around my neck this morning, it occurred to me that I hadn't posted a finished shot of it.  I love it.  It's very wearable,  comfortable too.  100% silk, hand dyed.


I finished spinning the Icelandic and silk I bought at the Vermont Sheep & Wool this year.  I thought I was spinning it pretty fine, turns out, not quite so.  It is nearly 200 yds.  That makes it almost 100 yds./ oz.  What can I do with just shy of 200 yds. ?  Remember, it is Icelandic.  I think I may have to get a bit more.


Finally, here is the beginning of my first hooked something or other (probably a pillow top) out of my handspun  and hand dyed Lincoln.


Now, out to pull up and stake an apple tree that has blown over.  Wish it luck.


Midwest Moonlight is beautiful, altho it is reminiscent of being strung up by a posse.

<200yds? Mittens. Hat with fleece lining. Decor.

I'm sitting here eating and apple and hope you can save the tree! The scarf is beautiful. If you can't get a full mitten or glove from the 200 yds...maybe the cuffs would be nice.

If the Icelandic yarn is sport weight you could get ankle socks out of it. I have large feet (size 11 shoe) and I can get socks with about 4 inches of ribbing out of 250 yards of sport weight. It is beautiful. I love the heathery texture.

I hope the apple tree bounces back. What kind is it?

The scarf is stunning! Best wishes to the apple tree.

I just learned how to hook (actually punch) a rug, too, and it is a great way to use up little bits of handspun. There's a picture here:
That Icelandic is beautiful--one of my favorite breeds!

Luck to the apple tree.

Love the scarf. It's so pretty.

You could make yourself a little felted clutch out of the Icelandic.

Love the scarf! Interesting pattern and wonderful color. (I hope I didn't influence you too much where the Gathering classes were concerned, by the way...I was more than a little negative about "you know who" when we discussed it a while back. Hated her the minute she opened her mouth...but that was just me! You might have had a better experience.)

Beautiful scarf. Moonlight Madness is one of my favorite patterns from Scarf Style. I love it in silk. Such gorgeous colors!

As always, Judy, everything is gorgeous.

I like the hooking; the colors are strong!!! I see you're being very productive.....

That scarf is a beauty! What a great clear color!

The scarf is gorgeous but I can't wait to see what the hooking is going to be. I love the colors!

Really pretty scarf! The icelandic /silk sounds like a wonderful blend for an earflap hat...(stretch your 200 yards by doing a design with another color?)..but I'm on a earflap bender these days...can't make enough of them...

Oh, oh, OH... that M.M. scarf is magnificent! And you photographed it so beautifully. I love the way it's draped over the bare branch. Very artistic!

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