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November 07, 2006


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Midwest Moonlight is beautiful, altho it is reminiscent of being strung up by a posse.

<200yds? Mittens. Hat with fleece lining. Decor.

I'm sitting here eating and apple and hope you can save the tree! The scarf is beautiful. If you can't get a full mitten or glove from the 200 yds...maybe the cuffs would be nice.

If the Icelandic yarn is sport weight you could get ankle socks out of it. I have large feet (size 11 shoe) and I can get socks with about 4 inches of ribbing out of 250 yards of sport weight. It is beautiful. I love the heathery texture.

I hope the apple tree bounces back. What kind is it?

The scarf is stunning! Best wishes to the apple tree.

I just learned how to hook (actually punch) a rug, too, and it is a great way to use up little bits of handspun. There's a picture here: http://mymountainhome.typepad.com/my_mountain_home/2006/08/punch_needle_ru.html
That Icelandic is beautiful--one of my favorite breeds!

Luck to the apple tree.

Love the scarf. It's so pretty.

You could make yourself a little felted clutch out of the Icelandic.

Love the scarf! Interesting pattern and wonderful color. (I hope I didn't influence you too much where the Gathering classes were concerned, by the way...I was more than a little negative about "you know who" when we discussed it a while back. Hated her the minute she opened her mouth...but that was just me! You might have had a better experience.)

Beautiful scarf. Moonlight Madness is one of my favorite patterns from Scarf Style. I love it in silk. Such gorgeous colors!

As always, Judy, everything is gorgeous.

I like the hooking; the colors are strong!!! I see you're being very productive.....

That scarf is a beauty! What a great clear color!

The scarf is gorgeous but I can't wait to see what the hooking is going to be. I love the colors!

Really pretty scarf! The icelandic /silk sounds like a wonderful blend for an earflap hat...(stretch your 200 yards by doing a design with another color?)..but I'm on a earflap bender these days...can't make enough of them...

Oh, oh, OH... that M.M. scarf is magnificent! And you photographed it so beautifully. I love the way it's draped over the bare branch. Very artistic!

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