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January 02, 2007


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Happy New Year! I think that's a great resolution.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Happy New Year! That sounds like a great resolution. Mine is similar - more knits for me!

It should always be about enjoying yourself. Happy New Year!

Remember, some people knit a little time each week, other knit every waking minute!

You knit such beautiful things and your yarns are enviable, too. Do what works for you...that's the important part of life. I'll be watching;-)

A resolution that entertains us, to boot. Nice work.

Sounds like a marvelous resolution! To me, that is the ultimate goal - to have the skill set to throw off all limitations and bring to reality whatever we can dream, making the raw materials from scratch if necessary.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. Slow is fine...and what Carole said. Knitting is part of our lives, not our whole life.

HNY Judy!

What a sensible resoultion you have! You remind me that it is quality (and not quantity) that counts....continue to enjoy the process!

Happy New Year, Judy! :o)

Your resolution sounds wonderful! Too many of us knitters start a pattern and stick with it even after we've decided that we hate it - what a waste!

Happy New Year, Judy!

You know, I've been knitting primarily my own yarns - more lately than ever before. Even some of the spinning that I thought was 'awful' from way back is now finding its way into hats, toys, and stuff for me. Funny thing is, even that stuff is more fun for me to knit than the real yarns. Ditto on the hand-dyed. Either I am a hopeless control freak, or I know what I like.....hm.

Simple, to-the-point, doable resolutions with great perspective.

Happy New Year...it would appear alot of us are thinking along the same lines knitting and walking wise...

I have a feeling that you are more thoughtful about beginning projects than many of us are.

Happy New Year! Your ideas are more my speed. Though I may have one number thrown in: to reduce my WIPs to x (to be determined).

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