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August 29, 2007


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Looks like a lovely way to spend the day! I'm really looking forward to the autumn, too.

From what I hear the colors are starting to peak through in the higher elevations. I plan on checking it out for myself this weekend. It's a good idea to take a break now and then to walk around your beautiful place!

I do love that kitty photo. They look like they're on a mission. I miss you and we need to get together soon.

Is that a heron? Lucky you! :-)

Bring on the autumn--I personally cannot wait. ;-)

The kitty on the right looks like a raccoon to me, just ambling away. Funny.

Boy, it is NOT feeling like fall today here in St. Louis. Blistering hot and dry, dry, dry. Oh, it'll be cool, even cold soon enough, but gah. The heat. Yuck.

Pretty! Thanks for the mental break.

How could anyone resist a walk with those two companions? Besides, cats are always right.

Nice clothesline!

Your cats are right, take a break !
And enjoy the summer while you still can, I know easier said than done !

Glad you left the confines of the dye pots in the shed and joined the cats for some fresh air. The air has changed- drier and crisper. I welcome it in part, but also mourn the ending of summer and the decreasing light.

Far easier said than done lately, I agree. Your new clothesline/yarndryingline is very clever.

Change is definitely in the air for us. The leaves are turning already and nights are getting quite chilly.

I love your drying method. I hand my skeins up on our abandoned birdfeeder hooks. They get a full day of sun.

Enjoy the summer before it's gone!

Nice solution to the changing sun! Guess the cats know what they're doing!

Your place looks so beautiful - yarn and scenery in the one place. *sigh* Here in the southern hemisphere, there is a change in the air too, in the opposite direction. The seasons are really lovely to experience.

There is a change in the air. The nights are cool here now, not something in the 20s celcius. My fleece isn't necessarily drying in one day either....

I"m loving the change. I like seeing the preview in your neck of the woods

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