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walk with me wednesday

walk with me wednesday

A trip to the garden begins here, at the barn. 


Everything is late this year.  There has been so much rain.  Everywhere is green.  The blackberries should be starting. Time to check.  The weather has cleared and with the nights cooling down, it may be now or never.  It would be nice to find enough for breakfast.   The best  berry patch is on the far side of the field, through the Christmas trees and beyond to the edge of the clearing. 

This is about the area where I begin to sing.  Anything.  It is good to let the other berry lovers know I'm coming.

P1040035   P1040034

I zig zag my way through the field.  Row crosses row.  Sing.... sing!

P1040037 P1040039

I'm not the first.  She can have that one.


I pick better than a quart, munching as I work.  This is the way I like them best, warm from the sun and sweet.   Most of the berries are still green.  Another day's berries.  I head for home. 


The field across the road is golden in the sunlight.  The season has moved on.  Funny how it happens.  Almost overnight.


I've hit the section of the Mystery Stole that I can describe only as the doldrums.  Over and over.   I'm slogging my way through to Clue 5... falling weeks behind.   


How very cool to walk by Christmas trees to get to the fresh berries :) Your walks are magic for me, thank you! I should do a city shuffle one of these days! It's quite ugly in comparison, but a trip just the same.

I'm as usual enjoying your walks. So different to where I sit at the computer (urban, but by the sea at work so I can look on the waves and the sky). One day, can you show us your dyeing process? The lot you dyed based on the flowers was wonderful.

I really like this walk, something about seeing all those Christmas Trees growing perfectly in rows makes me happy. Thanks for the walk today...I didn't get mine...only steps in the kitchen whilst putting up tomatoes....

Bet you weren't singing for the bee, maybe something a bit bigger ?
The view across the field is just awesome.
Summer is really flying by isn't it ?

Oh how I miss those fat juicy southern blackberries. The ones at the pick-your-own places here are not bad but they're just not the same as the sweet wild ones we brought home by the bucketful when I was a kid. What I wouldn't give for a lovely blackberry cobbler, yum!

You were singing to keep the bears away! Oh my! I have never tasted warmed by sun berries...but now I can imagine the burst of flavor and the hot liquid on my tongue.

Is that an actual Christmas tree farm, or just randomly spaced pines? It looks so pretty, I think I'd set up a hammock (with a flamethrower for the bugs) and never leave.

I thought our blackberries were late, but now I think we're just not getting them this year. The bushes are usually covered with fat, juicy berries, and this year they're hard, dry, and green. I tihnk we didn't get enough rain. I have one more sceret spot to check, but I'm not hopeful.

I sing in the woods for the exact same reason - wild berries here are coming to the peak of ripeness all around us. I step over the flattened patches to nick the few left behind!

You're absolutely right about the season moving on! It's still quite warm here today, but the light is different. Things are changing. I even cast on for a sweater, and if that isn't a sure sign of autumn, I don't know what is. ;-)

I am trapped in the windowless ORs, feeling the sun, cool breeze, seeing the bee, tasting warm berries.


Such a lovely place! :)

Lovely walk! My dogs love berries and wait sitting at attention waiting for their fare share.

I got stuck in clue 5, too...I think it was the repetitive nature of the feathers plus my own wariness about how the design would end. (I'm pro-wing in theory but I kinda wanted to see clue 7 before I fully committed!)

Your land is beautiful. Makes me want to go pick blackberries.

I think this may have been just about the best walk ever, Judy. Thanks!

Thanks for the lovely break.

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