walk with me wednesday
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walk with me wednesday

Guest Author: Grace

Today's Walk with Me Wednesday was walked and photographed by my 11 yr. old niece.  She's visiting this week and has made more than one trip down to the mailbox for me. 


Aunt Judy got this fleece at the fair last Sunday. The sheep's name was Louisa. 
(Thought you might be interested in knowing that Louisa is from the same farm that Bess came from.  Another Romney / Border Leicester cross, her fleece is thankfully , much smaller. In keeping with the rest of the flock, the sheep are named for President's wives.)

Two years ago Judy and I got the face and put it up when no one else was around to see if anyone would notice it or get scared. 
(took days..)



This rock reminded me of Judy's special rock.
(Rock love runs in this family.. luckily.)


When I saw this picture, I thought of how beautiful Vermont's mountains are. 

(what can I say to that?


This cloud reminds me of my best friend, an elephant, which is her favorite animal.


This is one of Judy's "famous" stacks of rocks.

It is always fun to see my landscape through new eyes.


Excellent job, Grace. Have fun with Aunt Judy.

Nice walk and photos Grace! I really like the things that you noticed on your walk! (apparently, rock love is not the only thing that runs in the family-)

oh, and what a nice fleece you brought home from the fair!

Well done, Grace! Lovely photos, you are an excellent photographer. I really enjoyed our "walk."

Super job Grace! Glad the weather cleared up for your visit. Did you help Aunt Judy skirt and wash the fleece too?

Thanks for a really nice walk Grace! You did a awesome job :)

The tree-face is adorable. It's like you have your own personal Ent to shepherd your trees around. ;-)

I like her photo of the big rock... and of course the great big fleece spread out to dry! It looks fluffy and wonderful. :-)

How nice to have such a niece, and for Grace to haven an aunt like Judy.
I can see the elephant in the cloud too and I love the tree face !

Neat dual post. Great tour!

Grace......I see you are an observant writer and photographer like you aunt. Will you be a lover of fiber as well?

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