the spindler's kate

One of the items that C wanted to take to the VT S&W last weekend was the Spindler's Kate.  He pulled a board of spaulted maple from our wood pile and made six beautiful boxes.  That meant I had to get busy and spindle up a couple sleeves worth of singles to demonstrate.  When it came time to ply, I decided to bring along my Jenkins Turkish spindle.  It holds so much and the little center pull ball is very convenient for handling.  Here's how it went.  Perfectly.  That little skein? Not quite so little, there are 90 yd in it.  That was all the fiber I had in that little batt I'd carded.  Merino. Silk. Alpaca.  I'll make more, different, but more.










The more I spindle using this method, the more portable I see my spinning becoming.  I find my spindle is traveling with me to the mail box, while waiting for skeins to wind, sitting on the bench across from the barn, wherever.  Perfect.

ps. I am STILL working on the new website.  The Spindler's Kate will be on it. As soon as I can figure out the shipping module.  Sheesh!  It's always something.


90 yards of beautiful spindle spun yarn!
...amazing how much can be done with "bits" of time spent here and there...lovely!

I packed a spindle for my trip. :-)

Lovely! And for sale too? Perfect! I love plying on my Turkish spindle and the resultant 2 ply "muffin". Super skein btw.


It was wonderful to see you on Saturday and visit for a bit - I'm saving my pennies for a Kate! ;o)

The yarn looks gorgeous and the Kate is making spindling seems that much more interesting to me.

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