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January 01, 2008


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Thanks for the terrific pattern, J! And Happy New Year!

I love that scarf - thanks for the pattern!

Beautiful scarf. The magpie bits are perfect. Happy New Year, despite the work. At least it's not as exacting as the put-up.

Thank you for the pattern~ adding it to my queue!

Best of luck with the couch hunting, (I take it you will have Zak sign off for approval before you actually purchase something....)

Ooooh, comment spammers suck, Web design company in India!
You could try Ikea or one of those places. They tend to be on the smaller side, at least the pieces I've seen. They're not much to my taste, which makes me an outcast in my particular circle of friends, but it might work for you. (You could always make your husband learn furniture assembly and upholstery. Heh.)

oooo, pretty, pretty! I love it, beads and all! Thanks for the pattern!

Thank you for writing up the pattern! My "deconstructing" wasn't going too well. ;o)

Happy New Year!

The pattern is lovely - I shall make one this winter!

Thanks for the really lovely pattern. I have printed it already, and I think I will have to spin some yarn specially for it. Happy New Year!

Simply gorgeous. Now I just need wool to do it justice, and I shall attempt it soon!

(I just learned to knit cables. So exciting, all this knitting stuff!)

Thanks so much for posting the pattern.

Oooh! Thanks for the pattern. Got it queued up already. Now to rummage through my stash of yarn..... and find me some magpie beads :-) Good luck with the couch. Can you re-upholster the one you have?

Thank you for the pattern !
I went couch hunting myself a while ago and I agree, it's not easy at all !

I'll have to download and print the pattern.

I bought a slipcover for my loveseat. Just coz I got tired of covering it with a sheet (tho it made Norma laugh).

Thank you, thank you! I'm off to put this one in my Ravelry queue. I have some Sea Silk that I think would work beautifully.

Happy New Year! :-)

Thanks for the Pattern! It looks great with your Taconic too!

Thanks for the scarf pattern. I'm glad to know there's another person out there carrying the magpie gene. I think maybe it's a tad more dominant in my makeup than in yours though.

Read about the crest o wave scarf and it is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I went back in your archives to look at your shawls. How wonderful!!!! I was wondering about the "mystery shawl" How does that work and how do you sign up? Thanks for any help you can provide. I love lace, especially shawls. Pat

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