walk with me wednesday
spindling with a Ledbetter


with a Hardy..

I finally decided to take the handful of cops I'd spun and make a 2 ply yarn from the llama / silk that I bought at Cummington last spring.  I started spinning this yarn the evening I bought it on my (also new that day) spindle from Bill Hardy.   When it was skeined, I measured 440 yards of lace wt. from the 3 ounces I plied.


It got a good bath, then was hung over the clothes line to blow dry.


While I waited for it to dry, this came in the mail.  Oh My! 

It used to be that knitting books were, umm.. knitting books.  A Fine Fleece from Lisa Lloyd is so much more.  It is a coffee table book, a reference and instruction manual, and the patterns... wow!   This book is a spinner's dream.  Every pattern has been written for use with handspun or a commercial yarn. 


50% llama  / 50% silk  from Barnswallow Farms
440 yards   3 oz.
Spindle: Bill Hardy, olive wood whirl


I got my copy of A Fine Fleece last week. I think all of us that saw it at SPA went right home and ordered it. Yesterday I got my copy of Shear Spirit and that's equally fabulous.

It's breathtaking! A shawl knit with your yarn will be so special!

llama and silk laceweight? Bliss, pure bliss! What smart fingers you have.

Gorgeous yarn.

That book, I am hearing so much about it! I try to resist the newer ones that come out until the patterns have been tried and proven. But this one is getting an awful lot of good press.

Lovely! My book wishlist is getting a little long.

I remember that fiber -- the finished produce is beautiful! I just finished plying some Lincoln-X batts from Barneswallow and am going to cast-on one of Anne's little nothings!

That is just beautiful. I have some Barnswallow batts - they probably deserve to be spindle spun.

That is such a beautiful skein. It even looks soft.

I too, love Lisa Lloyd's book. It has some really stunning patterns, in addition to the spinning slant.

Perhaps a silly question. Did you spit join (or otherwise) all of the caps during plying to make a continuous skein?

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