walk with me wednesday

It's a good thing that I think a rainy day is beautiful.  A very good thing.  It started to rain on the second day of our drive to the Outer Banks and didn't clear until the morning we left to drive north.  According to Weather Bug, the day time temperatures were the same in North Carolina as northern Vermont.  It was cold, foggy, windy, damp, rainy and beautiful!  The waves were enormous trashing monsters.  LOUD!  There is nothing like a storm at the beach.  Each day, I bundled up in fleece and rain gear and headed up the beach to the preserve.   A sweet neighbor loaned us his jeep one afternoon.  The rain had cleared and the fog settled heavily at the water's edge.  In the dunes, the was a bit of sun.  And, wild horses! 






Can you see him?   

No road trip is complete without some great bridges.  There is something about them... this one is in Delaware.  I go out of my way to cross a good bridge.


I wish I had a picture of the bald eagle... magnificent, and a rare sight for a New Englander.


What eye candy! You take awesome photos.

I SEE him. Horsie! Horsie!!

Beautiful-- I wish I was there, too. FYI bald eagles regularly seen at Bagaduce falls near blue Hill, Maine.

I see him, too! Love the first picture of the tree. I could sit and stare at that tree (in person) all day!

What beautiful photos! I'm sorry you had crummy weather, though.

Wow, I didn't know live oaks grew that far north! They're one of my favorites. And how cool to see a wild horse! I am quite envious!

The tree is very impressive !
How lucky you were to see them....

There was a bridge in Northern California that had such an arc to it that when we went over, my dad would shout, "We're coming to the top of the world! Oh no, will we fall off?!" I hadn't thought about that in years...

Beautiful interlude, even if you didn't switch out the weather. I see the four legger.

Love those photos, and I too would have loved that weather. Just the change of scenery is worth it. You really DO attract all kinds of good omens, don't you?!

The outer banks are beautiful this time of year. D and I used to always go down to N. Carolina for our anniversary (late March) because of the wild weather and lack of tourists. Thanks for sharing!

Great photos! Glad the weather didn't spoil your fun!

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