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May 09, 2008


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...sounds wonderful to me!

wish I could go, have a great time and come back to tell all about it!

See you there!

Sure will, see you then!

Well, I was going to offer to bring you some coffee, but I can see the tea people are ahead of me yet again.

Manana!! Have a safe drive.

Woot! See you tomorrow!

One sleep dude! And I'm so there! This time I need to hit the tea booth too.

have fun!

Wish I could be there! I hope the weekend is fabulously successful for you.

I hope you sell out! :o))

I've had my feeder out for about a week now and haven't seen one Hummingbird. Hopefully soon!

I think I missed your building and the tea guy, dang!

I caught your photo at Shirley's! One of these days, I'm going to make it to one of these festivals!

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