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10! 10! 10!

Just 10 minutes a day..

Ten_minutes_button copy4

Carole, just as she said she would, came up with this button the other day.  Let's make it a movement, or at least a give it a try.. just 10 minutes a day, on your spindle or wheel.  Or maybe just on the preparation of the fiber you'll spin next, a bit of predrafting.   I think you'll be surprised at the results.  It keeps the thought processes in motion.  No rusty joints.  No one will know if you join in or if you miss a day.  Only you.  Post the button on your side bar or not.  But, give it a try. 

10 minutes is perfect for test spinning a sample.  Just sayin'..

the white alpaca I washed yesterday

alpaca / merino / silk  carded together 2 ply

alpaca / merino / silk carded together 3 ply.   Plied using the Andean ply on my spindle.


It really does work and I think it's something about the mental process, just as you said.

Great idea! (nice button Carole!)

I once heard this about chopping fire wood ...a little bit every day sure adds up ;-)

Since Cummington, I've been spindling a bit each day...some baby camel/silk from halcyon, and it is working. I'm a better spindler than I have ever been now.

I started out well, but well......I need to re-start that plan. :-)

Good for you! I want to do the 10 minute thing myself. I have a sweater's worth of black alpaca and gray wool (both washed already!) that need to be carded together. I think small bites is the way to go...

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