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June 26, 2008


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That sounds almost too simple!

Thanks for that, Judy. That does sound easy. I'm on it.

We used to have one of those old yogurt makers with the heated base!

Thanks for posting your method, I'd like to give it a try. If I screw it up, the chickens will enjoy it ;-)

When I lived on the farm in Denmark, my host mother often made "thick milk" for breakfast. Eight liters of raw milk warm from the evening milking of their 60 cows. Add about a cup of yogurt, whisk through, pour into 10 shallow bowls (6 sons, father, mother, hired hand and me)cover with clean muslin and leave out on the counter overnight. The next morning, grind up all of the previous day's stale rye bread and sprinkle the rye crumbs and raw sugar over the thick milk. Serve with strong coffee and sliced ryebread. Surprisingly satisfying.

Pity I can't eat yoghurt but DH can and I might try making some if I can get over the smell of hot milk! :-)

Ah, elder care issues. Got that going on here too. Good luck to both of us!

Ymmm, thanks for sharing your recipe! I made yogurt years ago but after heating the milk would pour it into an ancient half-gallon, glass thermos (not narrow but wide and squat with an opening to match -no bottle-neck)to cure. Sadly the thermos eventually broke and I couldn't find another one with the wide top and stopped making it. Yes! 100% whole milk and powdered milk for the goodness of it. Topped on granola, or pancakes, or...

What is the best yogurt starter to use when making yogurt?
I would like to buy a starter culture to make my own yogurt (in a little yogurt making machine). Which is the best starter to use? I am looking for one that contains as many healthy bacteria as possible and that also tastes great. Any recommendations? Also, where would I be able to purchase the whatever you recommend? Thanks!

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