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This link was forwarded to me from a spinning guild friend.  It's fascinating.  Bet you hadn't thought about spinning Spanish moss, now had you?  Or weaving with the yarn..  BTW, Dawn Klug, the woman in the video, is in a wheel chair.  She's paralyzed from the waist down.  The St. Petersburg Times ran a wonderful article about her.  Never say never. 


That's so awesome! They were talking about this video at the spin-in but I'd already forgotten about it, so thanks for posting it!

I'm all itchy now.

That's fascinating! Thank you for sharing that video.

Spanish Moss was used a lot in colonial Louisiana. It is in "plaster" walls - bousillage is clay and Spanish moss, and in upholstery and mattresses. Spanish Moss collection was once a cottage industry here, but is no more.

Thanks for the interesting video.

wow. I will never complain about not being able to do something again. wow.

What a wonderful article and video! Thanks for posting it.

Pretty amazing. Her hands suggest higher cord paralysis, or brachial plexus injury. Incredible what she does with compromised upper extremity nerve function AND lower paralysis.

yes, it is fascinating, but as a Floridian who's touched the stuff I'd be worried about chiggers and the other nasty bitey critters that live in the moss. I wonder if she cleans it other than as shown in the video.

Thank you !

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