ten minutes (for Tuesday)
waiting for ice out

They're Coming!!

...and it looks like they are a week or so earlier this year.  Get your feeders ready.  Those early hummers will need it when they get here. I've noticed that the little flying bugs are out now, so the hummers shouldn't be too far behind.



Go check out the hummingbird website.  It is packed with all kinds of good information.

For those of you that don't remember how to make hummingbird food, here's the recipe:

Fill a measuring cup to the 1/4 mark with sugar. Then top off to the 1 cup mark with water.   Heat to boiling.  The ratio is 1:4.  The first time I fill the feeder each year, I add a bit more sugar, say 1:3. 


Yay! It's awfully cold for them poor things. I've had the tiny flying bugs for well over a week now.

My feeder broke last year so I get to treat myself to a new one. Yippee!

Judy!! our first one (that I've seen) showed up during dinner last night - a sweet little female. I thought of you, like I always do! :-)

Great info -- I definitely sweeten the mix for them early -- and then late in the season.

My biggest problem is keeping ants out of the feeder. Any tips on that?

And the ants have appeared already around here.

Yay for the hummers! Now if I can figure out where I put the feeder last fall...

Yes, Valerie. Ants are a problem. Try thickly coating part of the hanger with "sticky foot" or vaseline. Glob it on. The ants don't want it on their feet.

Thanks for the reminder. I haven't seen any yet here in Kansas City but I'll get my feeder out tonight and see if I can entice any to stop by.

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