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Onwards to Pompa


It has been a while since I worked on straight needles.  Funny, for most of my life, straights were the only thing I had.  If I had to work on a circular needle I would, but those bands..!  It was a constant struggle.  That wasn't so many years ago.  Then they started making the really flexible bands that didn't loop up and hit you in the face and I was hooked.  I use them for everything, alone or two at once.  Pompa is a small project (not a fast one), and perfect for straight needles. I chose a set of Harmonys, and I am really enjoying them.  


Pompa (another new one from Anne Hanson) is one of those patterns that I had to make the minute I saw it.  I love the angles.   It looked like a knit that I could memorize.  Caution here..not so.  Anne threw in a little surprise in the form of some texture that takes place in all those triangular spaces.  Even though I know that they are there, and can read it when I see it, I can NOT memorize this pattern.  I look at the chart before I begin each row.  Not even the reverse rows, although you can read them easily if you watch your knitting.  With the TV on, I average a couple repeats a night.  That translates into about 4".  This is a fun knit.  It definitely holds my interest.  

This is my second project with Ball and Skein's Elise.  I wanted to knit with it before it went onto the website.  It is beautiful stuff and I am loving it, so that should be in a week or so.


Very interesting - a thoughtful knit.

Best wishes for continued enjoyment.

Oh good - I'm glad you mentioned about the yarn, because I was going to ask about it. I thought maybe I missed it in the shop!

Beautiful, summery color you've picked!

I'm loving Pompa in this color. Very pretty!

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