tickling blackberries
Hurry up, slow down

walk with me wednesday.. hmmm.

Men carry, Women Sing
Jupiter's dancing with the moon.


There's no question that summer is winding down.  You can feel it in the air, not just the cooler temps but the energy has shifted.  Birds are on the move.  Flocks of them.  The crows are absolutely raucous.. loud and demanding.  Spiders are everywhere, and BIG, let me tell you.  I have to remember to put my arm out in front of my face to keep the night web that is spun in front of the door from my face.  On the way to the blackberries, just the other day, I came across the biggest pile of bear scat I've ever seen.  It was at least a foot in diameter.  I'd been in the field earlier that morning picking beans and squash and I'm sure it wasn't there then.  I would have seen it.  It was that impressive.  I turned around with my berry picking stuff in hand and headed back to the house.  No way was I thinking I'd sing myself through the balsams to the blackberry patch on the other side of the field so soon after he'd passed through.  Or had he?  I decided to drive.  The patch is at the furthest passable point on the dirt path that is our road.  On the advice of my telephone repair guy,  I shoved a bit of insurance under the driver's seat.  See what I mean..the season makes us crazy.  I never think that way.  Never.  It's just not me.  Two days and three gallons of berries later, I've come back to my senses.  That and a conversation I had with a neighbor the other night.  She also sings, has all her life, she told me.  Today, I drove up the road, opened the sun roof and the truck door,  put on a cd and played the blues.  Oh, and SANG!! 

This morning, about 8, a truck came up the drive.  It was a neighbor, his coffee in hand.  Have you  seen my bull? 

Your bull? 

Do you know my bull?  He's a white bull. 


He's been gone a couple days, ever since I got rid of the horse that was his friend.  He's been lonely and has apparently gone in search of friends. I figured I'd better check to make sure he wasn't up here in your gardens.  

I thought.  Yep, I'd heard his bull.  It bugles and I'd heard it the day before.  I put on my sneakers and off we went.  Found it hugging the fence of a neighbor's herd.  Big bulls in there.  The size of my chest freezer, with legs.  Hoped they were friendly.  Getting him home wasn't going to be easy.  Opening the gate to let him in with the others was.  I can hear him tonight.  He's definitely not the alpha. 


This particular lady has been guarding my tomatoes.  She's a Garden Spider and about 2 1/2 inches.  I had my head in there, picking away before I noticed her hanging upside down in the middle of her web enjoying lunch.  Whoa!!!  Deep breath.  Say 'hi' and resume, deliberately. 


Earlier in the season we killed the pond lilies.  They are a nuisance, choking whole areas.  On the surface there are heart shaped leaves.  Under the water... roots like tree trunks.  Take a look at these.  The plants have died and the roots have floated to the top.  Sea monsters.  So glad I know WHAT they are.


The moon is up.  Time to check out Jupiter.  Last night left, tonight right.  Bright and beautiful!


We saw Jupiter, and remarked on the left/right shift...just didn't know which planet we were looking at. Thank you!

What a very full season it has been...everything is larger than normal, must be all that rain.

Great photo of your garden spider and her web! And those pond lily roots make a very interesting sight..nice shot of them floating against the reflection of a cloudy sky!

And the bears around here have been visiting the store dumpster, dragging what they can up the hill into the wood. My insurance? I carry my pocket air horn...singing is good too ;-)

Those roots are scary!
If I tried singing in the woods, I'd only make the wildlife cry. Weeping chipmunks are a sad, sad sight...

What a delightful post, the anticipation you created with your account was very good. The account about the lonely bull was quite touching, animals can become quite attached to each other, even when they are other species. My friend's poodle's best friend was a cat (she chased all other cats but this one). They ate together and slept together and cuddled frequently. Thanks for a wonderful account of your time out and about.The bear is especially scary!

How did you manage to kill the water lilies? They must be a different variety than I grew up with because the only legal and effective way to kill them was to manually dig them up by the roots like the weeds they are. If Mom was out working on them she would have us spend an hour with her in the muck before we were aloud to go swim out in the lake. That stuff stank like rotten fish and was very slimy. If I ever find the idiot responsible for introducing it (it's wasn't native) I would love to bury him in the same muck as payment for that awful summer chore.

I enjoy reading your blog. You're a good writer and your stories take me away to another place..for a few moments...to a place very different than the dessert that I live in. :-)

maybe the farmer should bring the horse back to keep company with the bull.

I'm there with you. The male hummers left today, and only voracious females are remaining. They feed longer, hang out closer. You can tell they sense the need for more. Maybe there is an acknowledgement of less competition?

Yup, my male hummers have been gone for more than a week. Females and juevies are everywhere and loud. Saw a small halk (or falcon) shase one last evening. Maybe tired of the racket. or hungry.

Those roots do look like sea monsters.LOL
Summer has been rather odd here in Maryland.

I just stubled across your "Smatterings" today. Lovely! I was very entertained, Thank You! You are book marked and I'll be back often! Southern NH Groupie...

Beautiful spider! I didn't have any this year, perhaps next.

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