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making yogurt, one more thing

... and the Friday Project Round-up

brr-rr......! The wind is howling out there.  It doesn't make me want to do outdoor things, that's for sure.  What a miserable day to try to move tropical plants.  It's the kind of day when we ask ourselves why this business?  I tried to set us up for the day with a hot breakfast of mixed grains, oatmeal and chopped apples cooked with cinnamon, topped with last night's fresh yogurt.   


Every time I make yogurt I remind myself that there is one more thing I want to tell you about making yogurt.  Here goes.  Your starter is paramount.  Protect it.  Without some good yogurt put away, it is difficult to make a good next batch.  There's nothing magic about it.  Before I start eating a new batch, I fill a small glass jar with my fresh yogurt.  It gets stored away in the refrigerator.  The second thing I need to say about this is that I actually have two little jars stored.  One from each of the last two batches of yogurt I've made.  Call it insurance.  (This means that the first time, you will have to put away two little jars.) When I get ready to make a batch of yogurt, I take the oldest jar out for my starter.  For me, this means that it is probably about 1 1/2 weeks old.  However, There have been times when I've been away and my starter has waited for up to three months.  If the glass jars are full and capped, it probably will still work.  So, that's it.  Easy! 

The other thing I've been thinking about is a Friday posting regimen.  I want to make it easier for me to figure out what to post.  I'm thinking that Friday is a perfect day for the week's project round-up, a show of what I've been working on. 

Spindling: The cops I showed you earlier in the week turned into 200 yd. of a two ply lace wt.  It is soaking now. 


Knitting:  I've wanted to knit Anne Hanson's Rivolo scarf.  It looked like perfect TV knitting, with only a small repeat of 9 sts. and 8 rows.  This is a project I can carry to meetings and enjoy while my aattention is divided.  I'd also recommend it to anyone thinking that lace is difficult.  Sweet and easy.  I'm knitting it in Ball and Skein's Elise, the Mist color-way.  Thanks, Anne for another enjoyable knit. 


Spinning:  I've got a lot of that lovely carded merino done, but nothing since last Sunday.  Tomorrow. 


I have a question for you...what is your method of plying yarn from a spindle? Rolled into two balls or placing the two spindles in a frame to ply? I came up with a good solution but would like to hear from
different spinners how they ply. Thanks.

I hope the move went well...and the plants didn't show any signs of stress.

Nice idea for Friday updates--your projects look lovely!

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