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Look at this, I’ve found proof.  The seasons are changing again and spring is on the way.  It’ll take months, longer than the groundhog predicted only a couple weeks ago in Punxsutawney.  What can he know of our seasons so far to his north?  It is only the middle of February and here in the Kingdom, the snow will still be hanging around the back of the barn well into May.  But the light is changing; the days are somehow less grey.   Against the snow there is a brightening of color; last year’s new growth is swelling. 

This is the only pussy I found today.  One day of sun would be all they need to pop.


Last spring, I was miserably disappointed when I found the tall line of willows I’d planted along the dam munched down to nubs by the newcomer beaver.  I'm usually pretty good at dealing with offenders.  Not this one.  He eluded my trap time after time, tripping the door with well placed whips from my lovely willows.   This is the one that got away.  But that is another story.


The willows are making a comeback.  Weeds that they are, it won’t take long.  I admit that I was  curious to see what would happen to my pollarded plants.  It was something that I was thinking of doing before the beaver beat me to it.


The shape of what remains is hardly orderly.  If I were truly a gardener, a lover of order, I’d prune them to a respectable form.   I’m intrigued, at least for now, by the wild shapes that have been left behind. 



With luck, there should be new willows popping up along the shore where the beaver left his tender snacks behind to root.


A very encouraging post! I'm glad you noticed the signs!

Interesting connection between willows, beavers and aspirin btw.

I get the willow connection but never heard about beaver. Tell me. Are the beaver medicating?
Snow flurries everyday. Only about 8 on the ground. Very unusual to have so

Despite our too warm weather I have seen few signs of spring. Can't wait to see the pussy willows pop!

On the bright side, you'll get a lot more pussy willows this way...
The weather is making it even harder to wait for spring. Looks like April out there, and it's only February. I want to garden!!!

We support you! Do your best! Wish you everything goes well!

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