Ten Minutes (for Tuesday)
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winter gardens.. light catchers


I'd thought to show you pictures of the January thaw.  But, there weren't any walks for me the past week, and now it is February.  I've had a terrific cold, perhaps enhanced by the H1N1 flu shot that I got at a free clinic.  I was down for the count by 7:30 that evening.  Coincidence, probably.  None the less, walking in the cold and wind with aches and chills, didn't happen.  The thaw continued without me.  Almost.  Most of the thaw is extra work; raking snow from the roof, chipping away heavier ice packs to free up the walks and drive and pushing away accumulating slush when it finally melts.  One part, my favorite to be sure, is the formation of icicles.  Big, shining, light refracting stalactites of frozen water. I know that icicles and stalactites are different in composition, but they are alike too.   It is an interesting article.  Early in the thaw, as I do every winter if the icicles are large enough, I filled my planters with frozen light catchers. 



Awesome! We don't get anything like that in the Baltimore area.

That is so cool!

I hope you're feeling better soon.

I LOOOOOVE those icicles! And I hope you feel better soon.

What a wonderful ice of icicles! Feel better soon my friend!

Thanks for sharing those excellent articles.

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Hey, I've got some icicles I was going to knock down today! Now I will try to break them off carefully to I can "plant" them. Great idea, thanks!

Those are gorgeous!

I felt pretty crummy for 3-4 days about a week after I got my h1n1 shot so you may be right about that "enhancing" your cold.

That's beautiful! I'd never thought of displaying icicles that way.
I'll bet they're pretty sparkling in the sun. If we get any sun...

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