and so it snows
walk with me wednesday.. a winter superfecta

2 hrs. of snow removal equals one good appetite. **

Apparently, walking behind a snow blower, no matter the miles, does not constitute exercise.  If it did, I would have lost at least one pound by now.  I figure a pound a storm would be a fair trade.  But no, not one.  Nada.  Zip. Zilch.  I weigh as much (and maybe a bit more) than I did when January began.  When I emailed this sentiment to a Cyndy over at Riverrim, she responded with '2 hrs. of snow removal equals one good appetite.' **  There's a thought.




Between the storms, and work, and if I don't fall asleep (because at least part of me thinks it has exercised), I've been carding and spinning batts of Shetland and silk that I dyed last fall.  Each batt delights me.  The variations in the hand dyed fibers, each a bit different, all part of the same, fascinate. So much fun.



At Rhinebeck, I treated myself to one special purchase, a Woolee Winder.  I'd always told myself that I didn't need it.  Maybe not.  The gain in time and the extra yardage that fit onto the bobbin makes it more valuable than I'd thought.   



I'm hooked. 


Could have told you about that WooLee Winder! As for the lack of weight loss, I keep telling myself it's all going to muscle, which we all know is heavier than fat. Yeah. That's it.

Those colors are amazing! I'm convinced that you should have lost at least 2 pounds in the storm, as should I ... that snowblower is heavy!

I love my Woolee Winder. It's on the Lendrum and I use it for plying and it really goes fast. I keep toying with the idea of getting one for the Matchless but I haven't taken the plunge yet.


That Shetland and Silk of yours is a lovely color! Mind if I biggify it and think of tropical waters..tidal pools? sigh.

So what are your snowfall totals to date? May I recommend a blow torch? That is what I need today for all this ice....

That is stunningly beautiful yarn. At least, I think it might be. Send it all to me, and I'll certify it as stunningly beautiful for real.

Delicious batts! Yup I got one too at Rhinebeck. Seems I can spin worsted weight on it where as before it was thinner stuff. Need to get back to my poor neglected wheel. Hey when are you going to list your Modular Spindles in the shop? Yes I am a nag. :-) Cuz I want one.

Oh wow, that's gorgeous yarn! I'm still resisting the WW.

What beautiful fluff!
I keep eyeing Woolee Winders, but haven't succumbed yet. That good, eh?

Loving the shetland/silk. (Yeah, predictable.) WW for your Schacht(s)? I am such a WW ho.

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