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walk with me wednesday..


The weatherman got it right, and with plenty of notice. Saturday was beautiful, sunny and warm. The rain held off until Sunday morning, around 11 am. Not a bad forecast and one that meant I easily fit a hike into both days, a bit over 6 miles on Saturday and nearly 5 more on Sunday. Right on cue, just as I got into the car to drive home from my hike, the rain started.

In a funny kind of way, it was a relief. I've been moving pretty fast. A rainy afternoon is a great excuse to stay in, watch a movie and knit.

At some point during the afternoon, we lit the wood stove, then the oven, and baked a delicious blueberry pie. A pretty good weekend, I'd say. How was yours?


That sounds wonderful. I would have loved a rainy Sunday afternoon at home but we had a wedding to attend. Special in it's own way but one I would have preferred to postpone until after I'd had a day at home.

That's lovely! What are you knitting?

We got 3 inches of rain. A welcome relief to my wee wetland. The vernal pool has gone from literally dried up bone dry to wet and puddly again. The peepers finally came out and sang glad for the wetness and the trees have pushed out numerous leaves. Hoping we get more rain for the few painted turtles out there.

Love the texture in your knitting. Very cool photo!

After traveling last week it was awesome to stay in, watch movies and sew. I'm having trouble deciding what pattern to use wiith some beautiful homespun cormo that's been staring me in the face. So glad our stove's still going.

Loved my weekend. Knitting. Porch on Saturday. Relieved that the ground was moistened with such lovely rain. Went nursery hopping on Sunday. Recovering successfully from multiple bodily injustices from out of the blue. BLUE! You would think blue would be good for me. Nope.

I had to work. Both days. *sigh*
The rain has really helped green things up, so that makes me happy.

The rain was welcome here too...odd to have such a dry spring! Better rain than snow, those to west of us had some of that!

And yes, had to fire that stove back up!

Lovely stitches!

What a nice weekend! What is the lovely knitting? Please do tell.

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