first bike ride of the season
Friday's Photo

and on Sunday..

I went to a worksop.

Last Sunday morning, Slater Mill offered a Double Knitting workshop, taught by Alasdair Post-Quinn.   Terrific workshop!  It was only 3 hours, barely enough time to cover the basics.   I found myself wishing it were longer.    



If you aren't sure what double knitting is, think back to the old Starsky and Hutch show.  Starsky had a big Mexican knit sweater that I am fairly certain was double knit.  If his wasn't, certainly others that are similar are.

Mex sweater1

                                           ~photo from Mexchic~

Sometime in the 80's, while traveling during a cold rainy season in the mountains along the Guatemalan border, I bought one for myself. It wasn't really at all like his. It had a much more inticate design, one that I puzzled over for all the years that I had it.  The inside and outside were the same pattern, but in reverse tri-coloring.  

Here's what we did..


the other side..


My edges aren't very good and my stitches are uneven.  But, I am very pleased.  I tried holding my yarn as if to throw and found that was not only very slow, but also very awkward.  Then, thinking that it made the most sense to hold both strands in one hand, I tried kniting continental style.  It was better, still slow and awkward on the first couple stitches.  My very 'sticky' coarse yarn made it worse.  I'll give this method another try eventually.  Finally, I used combination knitting, one color in each hand, as if to do colorwork.  That for me, was the method that felt right.  I was faster and my stitches improved. 

The bind off..



Sounds like a GREAT workshop.
(And I cant wait to see the Starsky and Hutch Sweater you knit with your new skillz!!)

I'll warn you it's addictive... I keep mentally translating everything I see into double-knitting.
I use the combination method, too. Though I'm tempted to work on the both-yarns-continental technique, since I think it would be faster in the long run. Maybe with one of those finger-tensioning gizmos?

Haven't tried this. I think my brain would 'splode. One strand in each hand is how I do color work, so that is what I would try first. I found the finger tensioning gizmo awkward, but I may try it again if I have three colors to juggle.

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