Not much time for walking

Friday's Photo

nothing is quite like a spring woodland after a rain..

As the canopy fills in, we see fewer turkeys. It isn't just that it is harder to see them, though it is, but this time of year, most of our visitors are toms. The hens are off doing what hens do in the spring. Soon, I expect only to hear them, as dawn breaks, greeting each other and a new day.

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Most excellent shot. That one in the front is a slammer!

Interesting - right now, we're seeing mainly the drake Mallards. A few hens have shown up to present their ducklings, but mostly it's the drakes that come to nap in the noonday shade of our birch tree.

You'll soon be up to your elbows in baby turkeys...

My turkey hen was in the yard the other day until the painter's Westie thought it might be fun to tear after new over the stone wall. :-(

What a great picture! You are right, I have been seeing more single toms around.

We've seen few turkeys so far this year and I'm not complaining. Hopefully they're with the deer. Nice photo!


...surely..the poults will follow ;-)

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