Friday's Photo and another reminder
Friday's Photo

walk with me wednesday.. signs of summer

May 31st.  We are now, officially 'after Memorial Day'.  Memorial Day used to be May 30th, no matter what day of the week it fell on.  That was before congress passed the Uniform Holidays Bill and we moved them wherever to give us three day weekends.   The beaches, state and federal parks are open for business. From now til Columbus Day, we get to pay to use them, rest rooms will be open and rangers and guards visible.  Right?  It is summer. 

Sort of.  It sure feels like summer.  In the woods, the tree pollen is the giveaway.   The past few days, the pines have been releasing it as sticky yellow clouds .  Hard to see and hard to breathe. Yesterday, when I walked, it finally seemed a bit clearer.  


The leaves have polka dots, painted with pollen.  What we need now is a good rain to wash it all away and clear the air.  

So much lush vegetation.  Soft.  Fecund.  Sweet.



I love the laurel.  Bouquets unto themselves.  Such a surprise to come upon hanging there amongst so much greenery.

There is this... what all the spring rains have revealed.  I'll go back for some better pictures, I am such a sucker for texture. 

I'll wait until the pollen clears, I can just about focus.  Then, summer.




Enough with the pollen, right? It seems worse this year than usual.

That is some fantastic looking texture!

Is that a vine growing on the tree? Love the patterning!
Yeah, I'm about sick of the pollen, too...

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