walk with me wednesday.. signs of summer

Friday's Photo

I have many orchids.  Although they bloom off and on year round, most begin blooming in May and display through the summer.  This is a shot of a few that are crammed together on a shelf in my back room.  


IMG_1644 copy

Individually striking, enmasse.. amazing!

IMG_1642 copy
Have a great weekend.


I have never seen so many orchid blossoms in one place! They are stunning!

Oh, wow!

Your orchids are gorgeous. I just can't seem to get those to survive in my house...

Hi Judy. Love your orchids! I have one which my cousin gave me as a gift this past Christmas. Unfortunately it didn't get off to a great start, lost all its blooms, and the stalk had to be cut off to the base. I've now learned how to properly care for it now (watering) and it's recovering nicely! It has new growth, and a new stalk developing. I'm so excited and enjoying watching it grow. I will be bursting when it blooms again!

Do you do anything special for your orchids, like misting, fertilizer, etc? Or do you just water them and keep them in their happy place?

Clearly, your orchids enjoy living with you, as much as you enjoy living with them ;-)


I water weekly and feed with miracle grow when I remember. Just dont overwater.

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