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June 02, 2012


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If the baby flew well, then it was ready to leave the nest. I'd expect the others to follow within a day or so (although if they're smart, they'll wait till it stops raining!).

There's always one that fledges much earlier than the others and always one that lags behind. It's amazing that they can fly with that tiny stub of a tail they have at that age. What it curious to me is why 3 adult robins would go after it? Were they not the parents? I hope the rest are smart and wait out the rain before attempting to leave the nest. What a soggy day.

Whatis it with robins & doors? They always pick the most heavily trafficked places for their nests. I am convinced they are the dumbest bird.

lots of songbirds fledge before they are independent. the parents will get it to a safe place to shelter and will continue to feed it while they teach it to find food for itself. This is a really challenging time for the parents because they have a fledgeling and nestlings to take care of but most babies survive and prosper every year.

I would have had the same reaction. I was always told never to touch baby birds either. I'm still not sure if that's correct though?

Had a titmouse fledger die in the yard last week. Very sad. But Lynn told me that it isn't unusual for that to happen. Seeing it was definitely TMI.

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