Getting ready for the season
Happy Solstice, Happy New Year!

lines and knitting

There's nothing like a little snow to highlight the shape of the landscape, be it a hillside against the sky, the curve of the highway or the shape of a tree branch.  This particular tree catches my eye frequently.




I was looking at it and saw the lines echoed those in my knitting.  I love when things like this click.  



This is a fun little cowl by Susan Ashcroft called Podcaster.  I'm using the stitch pattern to make one to fit the way I wanted it.  It will be smaller in diameter than shown in the pattern and longer so that it gathers up to and under my chin.  The yarn is Ball and Skein's Lyra.  Very soft.  


Very cool parallels- your cowl pattern and the lines of your tree. Looking through the jumble of branches, I always find all of the circles and arches that are formed within. Love your cowl in progress.

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