10 on Tuesday.. Stores for the anti- shopper
10 on Tuesday

when you go out in the woods tonight..

I put a camera on a tree about 20 feet from the corner of the house. I have, as many of you know, been involved in a war with the beavers. They are winning. At the same corner of the house was a huge twenty year old lilac. WAS. Not anymore. I didn't know that beavers would a) come that close to the house b) eat lilac. Now, I know. The second thing that is close to the side of the house, is the woodpile. Beavers had been dismantling the part with the freshly sawed birch logs.  I'd found several pieces floating in the pond (before it froze) with all the bark eaten. Curious little buggers.  I wanted to catch them in the act.  HA!

Here's what I got.  That ain't no beaver.  This is early evening, I was probably on the other side of the wall, at the sink, in front of the window, unable to see out into the dark...



The three lights in the background are reflections off my parked car.  Note, that is 6:08 pm.  We'd only just come inside.  I think.  I've always told Chris that the bears are around, not to worry, just make a little noise so they can tell where we are.  Yep. I bet they always know where we are.


This was back in November, but I have been so busy, I never checked the camera, until today. Imagine my surprise. 


Wow! That's pretty close.

Holy shit.


OMG!!! That would make you think twice about wondering outside at night!

Tell the bears they're supposed to be asleep . No whining about getting a drink of water, either.

Judy, Did you get my comment yesterday?

Oh my!!! That's both awesome and terrifying. He is fluffy and gorgeous, though. Make lots of noise!!

Sigh, beavers. We have had a war with them ourselves. They moved into our pond which is surrounded by woods. Lots and lots of smallish trees and largish trees on three sides of the pond. But, they chose to climb a fairly steep hill on the fourth side to the "backyard" of our house to chop down our just beginning to bare heirloom apple trees. In spite of the dog that runs around that part of the yard. So, electric fencing, and war was declared. Grrrr.

Did ignorance used to be bliss?

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