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I'd no sooner clipped the ends from 'Stopover', which btw, I really enjoyed knitting (what's not to like about big needles and hand spun), then I was off to find yarn for another project.  I'd been searching for a simple raglan pattern, preferably top down.  Along the way, Raglanify came up in a conversation.  


Raglanify, in case you've been living under the same rock I was, is an app that generates a custom raglan sweater pattern.  After filling in a simple form with your gauge, needles sizes, desired fit and body dimensions, the app sends an email with the pattern.  I changed it to a pdf and loaded it into my Knit Companion app.  I love this stuff!  

This won't knit up as quickly as Stopover.  I chose size 8 needles.  My wrists are complaining.  9's may have been a better choice.  I have time to change after I get through the yoke increases.  I wanted the a bit tighter.  So here's my question....

Anyone want to join me?


Ooooh, nice app and sweater starts! Tempting KAL. Would it be wrong to have 3 sweaters on the needles at the same time? Lol.

Only 3 sweater WIPs, Manise? Ha! I dare not look in the closets and count mine.

As for joining in, Judy, I want to - and yet I'll resist. I am trying SO HARD to finish just a few things....

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