More than one kind of gold

Checking the list

The first of Ball and Skein's spring show triad is this weekend's Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival.  


Sometime before noon today I finished rewinding and labeling the yarn for this show. It's boxed and ready.  I've got to figure out a few things for the display. Signs need to be printed.  An unfinished sample is waiting next to my chair.  Such a damp, raw day.  I can't think of a better excuse to sit with my knitting, some popcorn and beer and watch an afternoon movie.  Got to get it finished.


Can't wait to see it and you in person! Raw days are meant for knitting , beer and popcorn. Here it's knitting, beer spiked chili, whole grain rice medley and asparagus soup. Popcorn is a definite possibility. :-)

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