Walk With Me Wednesday

November sure feels like practice for winter this year.  If it isn’t’ snowing, it is threatening to snow the next day.  The pond has frozen over, melted out and now partly frozen again.  I don’t mind.  I like that we have breaks to finish up the chores we’ve forgotten until practice winter shows them off.

Hunting season keeps me close to home. Back and forth to the mailbox, the barn, the shed in the field.  I wear a red hat and stay close to the house at dusk.  


Next week, we’ll be traveling a bit south and the scenery will change.  There will be a second autumn for us, a second clean up, leaves to rake, and perhaps walks to take.  


It was all about preparing for winter. There’s no turning back.   Anything that freezes must be removed from the barn and put into the basement crawl space.  Outdoor furniture is loaded into the wagon and carted to the shed in the hosta field.  Electric fences are removed and rolled up and away from snow plow damage.  The netting is removed from sheds. Metal framing moved to the woods.  Canoe and kayaks are stowed onshore along with the big wooden raft.  The wood box is filled and filled again.  So many things to remember.  My full rain barrels and dye station are emptied for the season. The tractors got their chains.  The 6 ft snowblower was installed.  I cut greens and filled the window boxes.  Small balsams strung with white lights were planted in large pots on the deck. It was cold and raw and November gray.  


Saturday, the spinning guild held a zoom meeting.  A mostly regular meeting with many members present.  So wonderful to SEE this group after all these COVID months.  SO many finished projects and new ideas were shared.  

Sunday, I friend shared this on FB.  You might relate.


Friday’s Photo

Yesterday, I looked out my window, and there on the frozen pond, sat the Lazy Beaver.  I only had my iPhone at hand and he was quite a distance. The picture
is a bit blurry. 


 I’ll tell you more about this guy another time.  But, let me say this, he is the largest and laziest beaver I have ever met.  And, yes, I have known quite a few.

Want to know more about the beaver’s winter food plans?