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May 2005

when Tuesday feels like Monday

When I went to check out this site, I got this message....

While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

  • Zero Sized Reply

Squid did not receive any data for this request.

Your cache administrator is root.

OK!  anyone want to EXPLAIN that message??  a 'ZERO SIZED' reply??  an administrator named "root'...  sometimes technology is just slap yourself upside the head weird. 

The sleeves of the Ribby cardi continue.  That easy looking Locker Hooking DOES have a learning curve if you want it to look nice and even (the way they made it look at the MDSW) and I have at least another skein of the wool / mohair ready to ply.  The bugs are worse than ever, we had loads of rain (when I went to edge a flower bed, the edging flooded with 3" of water) so I'm a little more than reluctant to leave the house without body armor and relief is NOT in sight.  The satelitte must have fried during one of the electrical storms Sunday / Monday (thank goodness the season is over and we are into reruns).  Ah yes, and I did figure out why the fridge was out and got it back on!  And all that while some of you were running around at Cummington or otherwise having a wonderful fibery weekend.  Change is needed good.
I'm off to town today, the one with the BIG box stores, and the totally great Japanese restaurant for lunch. 

more May

This picture is for Anne, because she asked.. 


The sun did come out briefly, more than once, over the past couple days.  It's raining again this morning.  Perfect weather for ducks and more breeding bugs. 

This little fellow  (he hasn't been named as he's up for adoption, tho' knowing his Grandma, that could change.. she has a way with keeping anything soft and loveable around) is 100% Jacob.  He's less than a day old and very spunky. 


in a fog

Yesterday afternoon and evening, we got the back side of the Nor'easter that has been moving up the coast.  That gave me time to spend inside spinning. (And I got to go to sleep to the song of the peepers against the howling wind, lovely!!) After playing with the swatch I decided to spin it up finer, giving me the ability to ply it either with itself or maybe some other yarn.  Just a thought there, I played briefly with a grey strand plied with it, certainly is interesting.  I'll try a brown too.  I knew the color of the swatch I downloaded yesterady wasn't showing up right by all the comments posted regarding the reds.  To my eyes, it was subdued, with an overall brown tone.  Here's a picture taken in the morning light. 

Dsc_0271  See what I mean?  It's got shades of everything, pinks, reds, oranges,greens, but the overall effect is the brownish tone. 
Morning light.. morning fog, pea soup thick..


The cats have been having a blast.  Bu went downto the pond to check out the geese that are passing through.  They were very interested in her.  They are more than twice her size.  No one seems concerned, just interested.

Dsc_0275  Look closely, that little black spot is Bu.

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As I sat there next to my spinning wheel with yesterday morning's coffee (that being yesterday.. I don't drink day old coffee), I just happened to notice this: (the roving)

0526052  Either I truly am a creature of habit or I am slowly losing my mind without noticing.  Maybe both? So, I did what any curious spinner would do,  I swatched it. My singles and the roving were looking an awful lot like this:

Dsc_0268 the sleeves for the Ribby, using Noro Silk Garden in #84,  a close up of the swatch..  Is it only me that sees the similarity, maybe the camera doesn't get the colors right?


Back to yarn stuff.. Anne had asked a while back about balancing my singles.  With the merino / silk it's easy.. I don't even need to hang it weighted.  With this stuff, mostly mohair, I soaked, hang dried the sample weighted and the semi blocked the swatch.  As you can plainly see, it is askew.  The yarn has way to much energy twist.  I had not intended it to be a single, but when I saw the Noro next to it, had to play around a bit.  I'll try some both ways, spun finer and plied, and some with less twist.  Has anyone found that more heat sets the twist better? 

from my email

These two emails were on my computer when I checked it. They (obviously) refer to sometime yesterday. What would you be doin'??
Me too!

  • ATTENTION! the most beautiful baby lamb was delivered by stork approximately 20 minutes ago.  Unfortunately, she's/he's not a jacob...she's/he's a jacob x icelandic x romney, but we are in love with her/him already!!!
  • hold the presses! there is not one, but TWO babies!!! #2 arrived 1 hr. and 15 mins. after #1-both girls, i think. both pure white (oh, where did i go wrong?)and toooo cute for words.

pics will follow

déjà vu.. all over again

It’s absolutely amazing, how fast the black fly swarmed me after getting out of the van.   They were clouded around the outhouse door when I went to get sunflower seed out to load the birdfeeders.  They are biting.  I have a very itchy bite on my collar bone already, just to prove it.  Damn, I hate them.  This will make garden work VERY unpleasant this week.  So the season begins... Here in the far north, where days are longer, nights are shorter and the bugs bite harder, spring is just starting.  My daffodils are in bloom, the forsythia is still yellow, and the leaves are barely showing in the woods.  It’s déjà vu all over again.  This is my year of the three springs.  (I went to Maryland and Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, remember?)
The back of the Ribby Cardi is done, finished on the drive up this afternoon.  Bu checks it out here...   


Yep, looks more like a sleeve, but my experience with anything silk is that it blocks out much more than expected.  That IS a good thing.  All for now, I’m unpacking and settling in… and trying to get used to dial up again.

my indoor garden

The weather this spring has been so overcast and cool, that my outdoor gardens haven't begun to show much.  But indoors, it has been one of my best years ever.  My orchids have bloomed continuously since early winter.  This is what's blooming now.





To all of you who made it to the WEBS tent sale this weekend.. I was thinking about you.  There have been an awful lot of fabulous fiber forays this spring and they are not over yet.  Next weekend is Cummington.  I''m going to miss it.  It'll be too far to go for one day.  I'll be traveling North this week to get the hostas split and transplanted for the season.  We have thousands, literally.  In a good year, I'd be planting the vegetable garden now too.  This year, it may have to wait, everything will either rot or just get stunted anyway.  Sometimes waiting a couple weeks is better, even with our super short growing season.  At least the beds will be ready when it does warm up.  Guess I'll be looking for those 57 day veggie varieties. 

O So Fickle!

I'm fickle.  See, I admit it. I'd use the 'yarn harlot' term, but it's taken, you know what it means.

  • I KNOW I said my project bags were full.  I found an empty one. 
  • I KNOW I said I was going to finish the shell etc. first.  Margene's ( sorry, Margene, I NEED a scapegoat here, and C just won't work for this occasion) comments were pretty discouraging, especially the part about the yarn growing.  Who wants a shell with sagging armpits.  I already have enough sag in that department. 
  • The good news, I used my stash!  I went shopping in the Stash Stacks.  This IS very VERY GOOD.

I went through my stack o' patterns.  I eliminated everything I had swatched for.. who knows why.. it was the weekend, maybe the moon was in the wrong phase for whatever I had thought I'd make, whatever..
I went through my yarn.
I swatched again.. and voila!

0522051  The first 8 inches of the Ribby Cardi.

What I did NOT condsider until I had the first 6 inches knitted:

  • that the striping on the fronts will be broader, bigger
  • that the striping on the sleeves will also be broader, bigger

My first thoughts on this are that I may knit the two fronts at the same time with a steek separating them, thus keeping the thinner stripes for the body.  The sleeves, I'll leave them alone.  This was the first time I have used Noro's Silk Garden.  I haven't thought  much of the quality of the Noro yarns, but this stuff knits and feels great.  It's a little bit funky and very casual.  I'm sure most every other knitter has used it, I had stashed it.  Anyone seen a ribby cardI out of this??  I'm open to suggestions.


a step at a time

Thanks to Betsy, and her generous gift package of Aeros last winter, I will finish the Cowl Neck Shell.  I worked on it in the car, when I wasn't acting as co-pilot and navigator ( both being important jobs during rush hour (s) and we did manage to hit morning and evening).  I'm nearly finished with the front dart decreases and increases.  The stitches slide much more easily, if only the Aeros had a more flexible band  I'd really love  them.  So, I figured that I'd keep going on it, that is, until I got a message from Margene.  You can read   her morning's post if you want to get the jist of it.  Here it is... the shell is going to grow... hmmm, not good at all.  This is a rather fitted pattern, not suitable for growing.


see, it has darts.. it's a fitted pattern 


I, like Margene, have lost weight, quite a bit in fact, more than 25lbs.  If it grows, it will look awful.  Margene just frogged her Summer Tweed Camomile for that reason.  Doesn't make me want to pick up the needles this morning.
Margene also has links to some great stretches and excercises for back, shoulder, neck, you name it... every place we are / I am hurting these days.  I do blame a lot of it on my knitting and computing positions.  Repetitive stress, a term we all hear, all the time.  It goes for the fun stuff too.   Today is treatment day four, I still can't knit more than a few rows without a break.  The tension starts building in my neck and shoulders and I know I have to stop.

Cindy asked what pattern I'm swatching.  Trying to pin me down are you??  I really loved the sweater Kim wore last weekend, her Paprika.  I may start the sleeve in the silk/ linen as a real swatch.. ahem.. after I finish the C.N. Shell.  I'm nearly out of project bags. It's time. They've circled my chair like a wagon train and I'm beginning to feel the pressure.  Just beginning..  I am also carrying a sock around with me, progress at hand?