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the days

The days are starting to blend, berries, beans, broccoli.. Somewhere in that list should be knitting and spinning, and dyeing but today it's office work; the billing time of the month, and probably most of the day.  My breaks will center on printing time.  Remember Steph's computer socks?  I think I'll stick with Tivoli today, it's so close.  Yesterday afternoon, after packaging up the 6 qts of raspberries I'd picked, I headed down to the barn to the freezer.  I figured I'd pick a few string beans for dinner and was surprised to find that I really needed to do the first picking.  Back to the house to blanch beans, pack them up and back to the freezer.  The barn yard needed to be cut, check.  The day passed.
This morning..


much cooler, much dryer, and beautiful!


Have you seen the Dayflower Lace Scarf by Toni Maddox?  Very nice.. 16 row repeat, something a little differnt and a one skeiner.  Kristen has hers finished and I saw it last night when I was finally able to surf around. 

just stuff

I know there is a whole lot of knittin’goin’on out there, but when surfing slogging (at 16.8) around blogland, it seems like there’s a whole lot more of midsummer knittin’ blues.  In short, the heat has got us down.   It’s time to take action, grab your projects and take them somewhere new.  Meet up at a new air conditioned café, take the ski lift to the top of the mountain (that’s what I want to do, anyone?) or as a number of my lil’ Rhody friends are planning, take a morning champagne breakfast knitting cruise.  That ought to lift them out of the doldrums.  I plan on putting my wheel on the raft later today, and float around the pond spinning.  There is at least another large bobbin of plying to do.  I haven’t decided if I’ll take my ipod and listen to my current book, or just listen to the frogs and pond sounds (fish, bugs..). 

Monday is my second blogiversary (blogversary, blog.a.versary?).  Two whole years, seems like forever and seems like yesterday.  I’m going to search back and see what it was I was working on then.  More on that, Monday.

Oh, thank you phone guy… he tripped over something; a stump, maybe the wire, something.. this is the way he told it, and there in front of his face was the new break in the line.  It was broken clear through the waterproof coating, through the shield, and the two inner wires were exposed to the weather, rubbing against one another.  So, I got a new piece of wire.  It’s still on the ground, but it’s new and I’m back in business.  He also gave me a can of mace.  After seeing all the line damage, he asked what I was carrying while I was working in the field and woods.  When I told him I just sing, he screwed up his face, said he hoped I was a really bad singer, and handed me his can with instructions to aim for the eyes and nose.  Nice guy, the phone guy..

On another note, NPR says Carly Simon is  60.  Imagine that.

072805003  'big red spider'

is 16.8 Kbps better than nothing?

When you are confined to the limitations of dial-up internet and you can’t get a dial tone… you can’t blog, or get email, information, order from any online service or…  get the picture??   Real inconvenient!  That’s been my problem, intermittent service.  Well that and too much of everything else.  I’ll post when I can get through, and I’ll make pretend I can post until then. 
Good news.. Berry Report:  ( I know no one cares, but I’m really impressed this year) Sunday: 10 qts Tuesday: 15 qts.
Bad news.. I am totally out of freezer space.  I almost didn’t get it closed after putting in the berries last evening and the vegetables haven’t really started.  I’m still down one freezer after the smaller one crapped out this spring.  Today I had planned to drive to the nearest Sears (that’s still the closest appliance kind of dealer in this rural area) and pick up a new one.  Sure can’t phone and order it, can I?  That was before the phone completely went dead.  What is it with the phone repair people, anyway?  You tell them that you are without ANY service, and the next question they ask is if you can be reached at another number.   You have to remain at the location with the dead phone service from 8am – 6pm (translated loosely as ALL DAY) and they want another number?
If I had that would I be calling them? 
Monday I spent the whole day in Burlington getting the brakes done on my car.  I took my knitting.  I took my spinning and my lucet.  I have finally found a use for the lucet.. making little bracelets to give to the littlest kids that visit us at the fairs.  SO CUTE!  We always tie a bit of roving or yarn on their wrists.  Their faces light up, and they’re off with a ‘bracelet’, sometimes two.. ‘mommy needs one’.   I made bracelets.  Around 12:30, they took pity and loaned me a car.  I headed over to my favorite Japanese restaurant for a lunch box, soooo good!  then a trip to Costco.  It blew the day.  On the way home (it’s 1:40 hr) the brake light came on.  Shop closed, I drove on.   It’s been like that.  Saturday and Sunday I managed to fill almost 5 bobbins on the Joy with a gorgeous grey Shetland.  Today looks like a great day for plying it up.  The motor on my Louet ( I know, weird huh, but fast) is so loud that I decided to take it off and treadle.  You can’t beat the soothing sounds of a treadled wheel.   I love the huge bobbins for plying.  Tivoli has a few inches to go.  I’ll try her on again and decide where she should end.  I’m happy enough with the pattern at this point to be checking out some black Calmer in my stash for a second one.  That round and round mindless knitting is a terrific break from lacework, know what I’m saying?
ps. finally connected... after the phone guy was here.. at a whopping 16.8Kbps  know what that means???

Lamoille Field Days

072305004  kettle corn for lunch ( a hand full of kettle corn and then one of wool)

072305005  scene (seen) from my wheel

072305006_1  comments on this ranged from 'should have won the blue ribbon' to 'why wasn't the restoration finished'.. and 'he sure wouldn't need cloride in those tires'

Just two things:

  • on Berry Picking.. don't try to pick yesterday's berries today (they can really get ahead of you)
  • this morning it was 44 F when I got up.. unreal!

another perfect day


Basic Rules for Berry Pickers:

  • Never pick tomorrow’s berries today.  Only pick the best, the ripest.  Berries that are ripe will roll off in your hands, no pulling at the fruit is necessary.
  • Put some in the baskets, not just in your mouth.  This assumes that the berries are plentiful (are there ever enough). Berries right of the bush, still sun warm, are the best (this is my opinion, but it's my blog, right... C thinks they are best cold and puts his right into the fridge to chill 'em up).  Squirrel some away, come winter that taste of summer will be mighty special.

Raspberry Stash:

  • Tuesday  1 qt. (Day One)
  • Wednesday  2 qts.
  • Thursday  2 qts.


The afternoon was perfect temperature for working on the deck; at least while the shade lasted.   I brought the Joy out with some Shetland I’ve been meaning to tackle and dialed up a book I had loaded on the ipod.  I LOVE having someone read to me!   It’s taken me nearly all of the first disc to warm up to this book: “Holy Cow”, a love / hate relationship with India, read with an Australian accent.  Then I made a wine spritzer (only in hot weather when I have the remains of a bottle) and settled into work.


  Lovely… After dinner and a paddle around the pond, I got back to work on Tivoli.  The decreases are done. It’s time to put it back on two circs and check the sizing.



Sweetie Pie.. back again


Hi! I know it’s been a couple weeks since I said ‘hey’.. so hay (that’s a little joke), but I’ve been really busy learning lots of new tricks things and playing with my friends. Here’s what I’m up to..

Mom, my sister and lots of the other ‘barnyard’ animals moved away toNew York a week ago. Most of them didn’t like me and would butt me away whenever they got close to me. Maybe that’s why they went away.. I don’t know. I’m here. And so is my buddy. He’s a Jacob lamb, too.. only he’s a couple weeks older than me. When we first started hanging around together he had FOUR horns. He bruised one of them when he fought to stay with me (instead of moving away with the others) and after awhile it fell off. Now he has only three. We have SO MUCH FUN together. Everyday we explore new places and play new games. Grandma thinks I’m too old for a bottle now, I disagree. At breakfast time, I used to climb through the bottom rails of the fence, walk over to the house, climb the back stairs to the deck and wait at the door for them to wake up. Usually I tried to help them wake up by calling to them real loud! Grampa made the fence in the barnyard before he knew me and knew how smart I am. I get up earlier than they do, so Grampa closed up the spot where I climbed through. That’s too bad for them; now they will miss the best part of the morning. Grandma still gives me a bottle and cuddles me though, but mostly she just puts water in it. I don’t care. I like being with Grandma.


My bottle looks just like the kind Grampa uses. Sometimes I get really excited when I see him drinking from his. That’s when I follow him around asking him to share. I would. Time to go, I’m pretty busy. I’ll talk to you later, okay?


any questions??

Dsc_0078  One half the size of a remote, believe.

..and that is as close as my limited telephoto lens would get me, at least from my perch on the chair.. I mean spiders jump, don't you know?

Who'd have thought knitters could be so sadistic as to actually ask for pictures of a creature this size.. Spielberg fans, all of you.

big spider

Last night:
C: ‘There’s a huge spider in the corner of the porch.’

The corner?

C: ‘Yeah, where the table used to be.’

Where the table used to be??? The table is where it always has been.

C: 'You moved it out onto the deck, you know, where we had dinner??'

Yeah, for dinner, but after I put it back where it lives. What’s this about the spider? What kind of spider?

C: 'A huge spider is in the corner, about the size of the remote control, well maybe half the size of the remote control'. (don’t you love the way people use objects they are familiar with to describe things.. men… remotes??)

No, I didn’t see it. I’ll make sure I see it. Do you think you could move it ?

Forward to this morning..    Let me tell you IT IS BIG!! I do NOT want to be the one to move this spider. I hardly ever kill hurt spiders. They eat BUGS. Okay, then. I’m telling you all this because there is STILL one BIG HONKING SPIDER in the corner, over the table that I want to use TODAY to comb some of the bunny stuff.. ummm crack!  Do you think just maybe she likes to watch?


more this, more that

After supper it was cool enough to actually want to be outside doing something, as opposed to having to be outside getting something done.  It had rained pretty hard, sheets actually, for an hour or so during the afternoon while I knitted sat waiting at the garage for my car to be worked on.  It’s the only real block of time I’ve had to sit uninterrupted during the past couple days.   The air was dryer and it was a perfect evening to spend paddling around the pond.  I did, and it was.  The water, no surprise here, was incredibly warm.  A turtle swam by me as I coasted, checking out the dense algae growth that has bloomed in the heat.   And just in case you are a skeptic when it comes to those children’s book illustrations of the frog sitting on the lily pads… well, they were, all over the place.   It was an absolutely lovely evening and a far cry from the pea soup thick nights of the past week.   Just before the moon rose, a falling star blazed by low over head.   Not bad.. Since we have had electricity, more nights are spent indoors watching the tube, reading or whatever… using the computer. I wouldn’t have blogged then.  It was always an issue, getting enough of the right kind of power for the computer, getting enough power for almost anything.   For the ten years before the electric went in we spent lots of evenings floating around the pond on the raft, walking, sitting in the dark on the deck and watching the skies.  There are always lots of shooting stars in the late summer and when there aren’t, there are always satellites to find.  There’s nothing like a summer night.

The raspberries are ripe.    Monday was way too hot to want to walk down to the field and work there after picking strawberries in the sun so I hadn’t checked the bushes out.  It was time, I needed to cut out the bore damaged ends and haul them to the fire pit.   It was a surprise to see how many berries were ready, so before I started I picked my first quart,  a reward for doing such miserable freaking hot work. 

With any luck, the phone company will show up today and put my wires up onto the poles.  The static on the line is knocking me off line whenever it rains, whenever it is really damp.  They’ve promised before, nada.  My wires have been chewed on, walked and tramped on, skied and tripped over, for years.  They’ve been duct taped bandaged, over and over.  I need new lines.  Keep your fingers crossed, please.

Typepad has gotten the 'Comments' thing worked out.  Now the email alert gives the name of the person leaving the comment in the subject (like it used to).  Big improvement, thanks Typepad.  Your doing a great job getting it all pulled together.

Cara references this in her post.  Check out this free form knitting.