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14 bins of yarn on the wall


See that? 

That would be fourteen bins of yarn. 

Believe me, I know...  I'm prepared for many winters.  Today, while batches of bills printed, I ran up and down the stairs carrying yarn and rovings to be packed into the bins or the new old chest.  The rovings are finally in the chest.  It took pushing the air out of the bags so that I could fit them in and then sitting on the lid to close it, but they're packed inside now. Turns out to have been a good review of my holdings.  I have some lovely stuff to look forward to.  I won't have to worry about driving through inclimate weather this year (don't snicker) to buy yarn, I can shop at home.  This would be another time to remind you not to snicker.  Shopping at home partially got me where I am, maybe not as much as many of you, thank you UPS, USPS etc.   I should feel really good about my days work, however, with Rhinebeck drawing closer,  there is a bit of anxiety knawing at me.  I know it's an awful lot of stuff.  It has taken years to accumulate this stash collection of beautiful fiber.  I think that, I know that,  I still have rug wool in the attic that I bought when I was weaving rugs in the 70's, OMG!  Well... this mountain of bins has also made way for my loom to be reopened.  I wish it could have made some extra time, but for now space is a good first step.


Hope you didn't miss it, because the past few nights I've had a great time knitting in front of the tube.  PBS has had two, 2 hr.  nights of a Martin Scorcese film of Bob Dylan and another two nights of music, folk and protest songs,  historically and in the 60's.  The repeat schedule was pretty lousy, so watch for reruns in the future.  DVD's will be available.  Very good stuff.  I'm beat.  Three more inches before I decrease for the armholes on the fronts of the Ribby. 

not the same


No, this is not the same picture posted Sunday.  I promise.  It was another glorious fall day.  Too nice to even yarn crawl.  Cindy and I went to my favorite Vietnamese place for lunch, then off to the Chinese market to buy fruits and dried coconut cream (necessary for all kinds of good curries and stuff) and then down to the water to knit in the sun.  Aaahhh heaven!  She, the Paddler, grows slowly.  I've made a pact with myself, I only get a row or two on the Paddler and then I MUST knit on the Ribby.  It's fall.  I MUST KNIT the RIBBY.  Has anyone tried an icord edge for the zipper placket instead of the seed stitch?  I'll be there soon and I'm thinking about it. It seems more in keeping with the ribbed pattern onthe sweater front.

If you haven't seen Cate's amazing shawl, go here now.

confusion on all fronts

The dilemma continues.  I see other bloggers (I name NO names) are able to ignore it, as I usually can do.  But, with this staring me in the face, it is getting harder and harder to ignore.


I bought this beautiful old chest with the argument that it could hold the containers of yarn I had stashed in the plant room on shelves made of cinder blocks and painted boards.  I could HIDE it, clean up.  YEAH RIGHT!!  The clear bins are much better for yarn.  I can see in them.  Argument #2: stash my roving in it.  This works perfectly well, but which PORTION of my roving gets stashed.  You got the word "portion"?  I really thought it would fit, honest.  Cindy suggested that I just squish those bags down, get all the air out, and more can fit.  hmmmm...  I'm not really worried about it, but Rhinebeck is right around the corner.  This year I really need a list.  And, I need to stick to it.  That IS the dilemma.  No one sticks to their list at Rhinebeck.  Not possible.  (And there is VT S&W this weekend.)
Last night, it came to me, I need to finish the Ribby if I want it for the fall.  It's out, Spider Boy Sam is thrilled to find that some knitting requires TWO balls of yarn (much more fun than one). Next shot positioned by Sam, himself...  I was unable to get it straightened out for this posting.

P1000194Somehow, I have fit a bit of spinning into my schedule (just a little something I was reminded I had as I loaded my stashed roving into the trunk).

Interesting conglomeration of colors.  I probably will just let it barbershop pole and see how it knits up.  It'll blend in the knitting better than if I pooled it with a Navajo ply.   
Sorry for the erratic posts, C's Mom is with us and suffers from dementia.  It's a bit like being in an episode form the Twilight Zone these days, for everyone.


weeks end

I've had a lot of catching up to do, both in the office and housework wise.  Sam, has been doing his very best to make sure I don't feel alone with the workload.  Here he helps at work:

He's very good at making sure nothing reaches the trash can and almost everything touches the floor at least once. 

Saturday, I needed to run tons of errands.  I spiced it up a bit by stopping at the new Yarns at LaceWings.  I was good, too good.  The past couple days, the mailman has been bringing me all kinds of books I'd ordered from one internet site or another.  While there I did look through Pam Allen's new book, Wrap Style  .  There were two patterns I would certainly make.  The Shetland Lace triangle shawl is fantastic.  Does anyone know what that pattern stitch is named?  I'd love to use the stitch on a stole or scarf.   Like so many other bloggers, I joined Liz Lovick's Shetland Lace Workshop.   It looks like fun and wouldn't you know I need another project.   If I could figure what pattern stitch it is I might combine it with one of the one's Liz has posted.  It's all still moldering in the cauldron.  Emm, yeah, Saturday.. I shopped for a microwave to replace the 19 yr. old Quasar that finally blew, hit Loew's and a computer store, just checking things out.   Somewhere around that time I looked up at the sky, realized where I was geographically speaking, immediately stopped what I was doing and headed here for a break with the Paddler.


                                                                It was this blue.. P1000184

Good thing too, because Sunday was cool and grey.  I spent the entire afternoon cleaning  mold off the windowsills, walls and floors in my plant room. 

three cats and a lap

Yesterday morning I loaded one spinning wheel, one fleece, numerous bags of knitting, spinning, soon to be dyed yarn, bags of apples and (what else) tomatoes, books and clothes, my computer, camera bag and THREE CATS, and headed south into highway mayhem, aka the land where driving is a contact sport.  Bu, the oldest, is no problem at all.  After the first mile of bumpy dirt road she heads into her 'own' cat carrier and settles down for the trip.  (I carry two carriers, just in case.. I mean what if I was stranded on the side of the road with three cats)  Zak heads onto the driver's (in this case me) lap and Sam... well, this was his first trip with the crew.  Where would he choose to sit?  Ahemmmmm.... battle for the lap!  Just so you know, it was in the mid eighties (thank God for AC).  Zak weighs in around eighteen lbs.  Sam, the little birdbones, is negligible weightwise but long in the taking up space department.  Just for the record, I'm in the hundred and twenties category.  That's so you can sort of picture the lap real estate available to all.  Let's just say it was a long trip, there was a lot of juggling for space and I was sort of wedged right into the driver's seat. 

P1000175  (I was very careful taking this , moved away from traffic and all that, and just hoped that maybe I was getting the cats into the picture)

I am an extremely lucky person.  I know this.  I was able to loan my house to a friend while I was north for a month or so.  I never expected to come back to a mess.  I was scrubbing floors and counter tops before I even took a bag from the car.  After a stint in the office today, I'll get back to it.. unreal.  Upshot to this... NO KNITTING. 

Before I left, I know it's only for a few days, but this time of year frost happens, suddenly, and everything can change, so I took a short walk through the woods.  It was so beautiful.  The ground is covered with ferns, everywhere.  It always makes me feel like an elf or some such woods creature with ferns nearly waist high.


and these..




Still going..

Back and forth, come and go, what and where, it’s a fickle life I lead. Last night after walking around the tomato garden, seeing this…


I thought I was caught up, enough for a few days at least.  I had picked all the basil and made pesto, pesto, pesto.  I had turned another 1/2 bushel of apples into sauce and canned it. By morning, I had changed my plans, only moderately, but changed none the less. The plan was to leave this morning and drive to RI in time to make it for Tuesday night knitting at Su’s RI Handspun.  I was looking forward to visiting with friends and catching up on their summer projects. But then,   after what I saw it last night,  I couldn’t just drive off and leave it; the garden… the tomatoes…  I did get in the car (or rather the truck) this morning, and I drove to town to pick up more jars, some citric acid (I’m not taking anymore chances) and TA DA!!!!! a new pressure canner! I’ve thought of getting one of these for a long time. The only reason I haven’t is because I could get away without it; that and needing a place to store it. I still could get away without it, but my peace of mind has really been rattled with the new FDA canning recommendations. I’ve never thought about botulism as much as I have the past week or so. Here it is, the old and the new.


(Thanks Liz, I thought of all that acid I could buy.  But the pressure canner means lots less water and I don't have to sterilize the jars first.  I don't have a dish washer to help on that front, so I cook all those jars after washing all those jars and then can all those jars.. and this just made sense.)  C and I picked everything can able and I washed and pared while he ran the tomatoes through the Squeezo and voila… two pots are presently simmering on the stove. Hopefully, tomorrow when I try once again to leave for a few days, I will be guiltfree and on my way.

In 104 more sts. I will begin the first pattern row of the Wool Paddlers Shawl.


Ps. Have you seen Margene’s new shawl?

a days pay

Friday, under a deluge of tomato pulp, it finally came to me. My day had been worth approximately $12.53.  Thursday, I had seen a sale on organic canned tomatoes… $1.79 a can. I did the math in my head. My mood as well as my weekend started to slide downhill. I went out to the garden to see what is still coming, unless we have a frost (do I want one, don’t I want one) . I felt like slinging little tomatoes across the field while reciting a ditty similar to the one lovers recite while picking the petals off daisies (substitute here small tomatoes from the vine). I checked the freezers.  No way, not one more package can go there. If I wanted the tomatoes, I’d have to can them. The freezers are just too full for more tomatoes. Pesto is on its way, and apples. I’d rather have apple pie frozen than bloody tomatoes. By Saturday, with the rain, and knowing that I had tomatoes splitting out there (they don’t like to be pelted by the rain) I made an executive decision. I called a friend or two and asked them to come pick. That helped moderately. It’s sunny this morning. My turn, I know, after the basil and after the applesauce.

P1000097 they are pretty, aren't they?

On other fronts.. I spun another one ounce bobbin of the bunny crack from Kim and another 4 oz. of the hairy dark grey llama. The llama, I Navajo plied. I skeined several bobbins of Shetland, colored mohair, and masham. (spell check does not like the word ‘skeined’, possibly it doesn’t exist??)

Bu reminded me that I had promised to take a walk with her as soon as it cleared. Don’t ask. I know what she’s saying most of the time and she understands me. The woods were lush. All the cool weather and last weeks’ rain has made the moss jewel like.


Mushrooms, all kinds of fungi, have sprouted up everywhere. I was checking to see what soft woods I might like to have culled out. Building products have gone up over 30% since the hurricane. If we want to build, it’s a good thing to do. The pole shed came in around $300. Not bad, that was the cost of the metal roofing and the screws, nails, etc. Bu was just checking things out. The cats and I used to hike all the time; nearly everyday. Sometimes we’d go miles. After we began to see the fishers moving in, we decreased our roaming area to be what we could sort of monitor from the house.  Bu is the only cat old enough to remember the walks.

ONE last thing… I finished the latest Harry Potter book. I am so glad that I did not peek at the ending. I am so glad no one told me the ending. I probably would have quit reading way before I had finished it, IF I HAD KNOWN. I really prefer happy endings.

pps. for those of you who DO know of my pie crust (mis)adventures..  I have now successfully produced not one, BUT TWO, very successful piecrusts, from scratch (Mark's recipe) and eaten them!