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December 2005


all kinds of dreams..

  • The last thing I remember the man (who did not help me, in the least) at the Home Depot in my dream last night saying, was: "The Chinaman said you could eat vegetables with that light."  That was in reference to a large sodium vapor lamp or at least that is my recollection.  Any takers on the interpretation of that one?  hmmmm....

  • The Wool Peddler is finally on the last rows; the final six of the garter stitch border.  I'm blogging.  I should be knitting.  Instead, I've picked out my next *new* project.  I jumped on the band wagon and bought the Celtic Harbor Hat pattern that Claudia is modeling.  I too have a pin head and love the idea of the triple layer over my ears.  I'm thinking black and brown, or brown and black.  I will, at Claudia's suggestion, make it according to the pattern.  That's easy to say before starting it.  And, I'll add to the *New* project list, the Adagio shawl that Cindy made.. with the ruffle.  I've lots to finish.  Planning is more fun.  Shopping will be done from my stash.. the store in my basement.  All is well....

coming home


Was my knitting finished in time??  Some of it.  If I had been the passenger, it would be by now.  Instead, I drove... 12 hours.  Two of the three trucks in this picture were coming with me.   To the man who asked me at the truck stop, "Is that a canoe on your truck?"; the answer is "Yes".  To the woman who asked me last night (at the 10th hour of the trip)"Did you just go canoeing?" and to whom I answered.. "no it's a safety thing with me, in case I roll the truck.. I want to make sure I keep on sliding".  I do hope you know that I was just pulling your leg.  I was much too tired to explain it to you then and I really thought you took me seriously. I was joking!!    Now, if I could just get it off the roof before I go to the grocery. 

P1000749  These would be the some of it.

the first sunset of winter

the season begins..*


I know that this is hardly knitterly, but hey.. we can't show everything.   The Peddler continues, I found THE button, and projects need finishing. 

* the solstice was officially this morning

ps.  Kudos go to Bloglines.  I've complained enough about them through the past year, but seriously, this last fix was terrific.  They are picking me up in under 10 minutes!  TooHoot!

blogging in the shower

Lots of people sing in the shower.  C. plans his day there.  I can hear him discussing things with employees and clients and figuring things out.  Me, I blog in the shower.  There, my entries are witty, informative, colorful stories.. things I'd like to read.  The words flow freely, my typing is always accurate (and fast), my spelling is correct,  and I know exactly what I want to say.  Then, just like the shower soprano, I get out, dry off, go about my day and apparently all that blog.o.bility dries up with the bath towel.  Know what I mean? 

Well.. anyway...  Last evening I watched the Motorcycle Diaries.  It was wonderful.  It's early Ernesto 'Che' Guevara.  I highly recommend it.  The problem.. it is subtitled.   So unless you are fluent in Spanish, I'd suggest an easy knit to accompany this film.  Something stockinette, perhaps.  As I had just started the lacy part of the Wool Peddler, I needed to shift gears.  I needed another gift for a young girl.  One movie, one neck scarf thingy.  The details need to be completed.  This time I thought I'd use a rose for the flower, something a bit smaller than the flower on the last one.  It, this flower, is not as much fun as the one the pattern has written.  This one is just not going to make it without a cute button accent, maybe a little color. 


It may just need a different flower.  I'll think of something.. but first, I need to finish the Peddler.

Baking.. it's hard to de- carb recipes and still make them taste the way you want them.  So far I've been sticking to things with loads of nuts, not much sugar:

  • Almond Cranberry Biscotti
  • Cashew Butter Cookies
  • Walnut Crescents
  • Spiced Pecans. 

I'm always looking for new ones, anyone?


the day after

Yep, after yesterday's involuntary blog withdrawal, I'm sitting here taking stock of my blog parts, er..mmm... my blog.o.bility, so to speak.   One of the interesting things I've noticed is that TypePad's type size seems to be directly linked to the now missing photo size.. not much there, but a little bit of something interesting to me.  Quite honestly, this time of year I can use as much time away from the computer as I can possibly stand.  I'm cleaning, knitting, KNITTING, sneaking a little bit of plying in (mostly because my wheel is in a sunny window and all that radiant heat feels SOOOO good, and thinking that I really need to get baking soon.  Tomorrow, I'll post pics, that is if Typepad is ready, 'cause  Podo got lights today.

ps. We all need some down time.  Let's not get our collective panties in a bunch,  heh?

Wool Peddler's a tease

One down and three to go. 

Dsc_0157  Dsc_0158

Shawls like the Wool Peddler, ones that start with a few stitches and increase as they progress are teasers.   You knit a bit and feel like you've really made some progress.  I've got almost 200 stitches on the needles now and more than 12" depth to the center.  It feels like I'm moving right along... that is until I remember that it really does take FOUR SKEINS.  I've used up ONE.  Simple math, right?? I'm only 25% into this project.  It's nowhere near close to finish.  See what I'm saying?  They are teasers, from here on out, things slow down. 

The SP6 has ended.  I want to thank Jean from Fetal Knitter once again.  She has sent me a gift certificate to Kpixie.  I'll have fun with that.  I finally guessed Jean on one of the final days.  The giveaway was Frappr.  Although she didn't leave her name on my map, she did leave it on others.

Day three of single digit mornings... -20F up north.


'IT' happened

Yep, just like Stephanie predicted, IT has happened, to me.   Rather than spend all the time it would take me to type (in my six fingered fashion) a description of IT, just go over and read about IT.  I'm not the only one, there are tons of us out there, who suddenly, yesterday, or whenever too recently, realized that Christmas is really only TWO.WEEKS. AWAY.  That's it.  Except, I remembered Saturday that I wanted to make a special present for a special person and I hadn't started it.  I hadn't even wound the yarn into balls.  Yeah, WHOA.... that's IT.  It is on the needles now, my sweater thrown aside on the floor, the Backyard Leaf Scarf on top of it, and another new project has begun.      

Dsc_0151_1 Dsc_0154_1

The Wool Peddler's Shawl, using my hand dyed merino / silk yarn in Aegean.  Knit on a #7 Aero circ.

There's another new kid in town.  Check out the new online spindler's magazine, Spindlicity.  It is in it's infancy, not a lot of info yet, but a promising new onliner that deserves a kudos for it's first issue.