dyeing silk
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glutten for punishment

Still dyeing.. The silk is amazing in the way it sucks up the color.  It's scrunchy and it shines.  I love this stuff.  The only problem with it is that in almost every skein, there are knotted joins.  It makes me crazy when I buy yarn, sock yarn in particular, and I find knots.  I know, get over it.  It's a pet peeve of mine, and this stuff has them.  The Russian join works fine.  The problem is solved, but it is a problem for me.  If you are interested in any of this yarn, let me know.   I've got more on the stove simmering in a prewash.. getting the nasties out.  Here are the newest results..



Silk is very hard to photograph, too much shine. 


Judy, your silk dyeing is gorgeous! I would love some of the turquoise and brown blend. When you get a chance, send me the particulars.....price, yardage etc. I LOVE it!

And I love that purple! What beautiful colors you create!

Yeah, it's all about the silk and nothing about how good you are. :) Those are exceptional.

I'm interested, but whether I can buy any depends on how much it is, or if you want to trade some stuff too :)

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