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long day.. lucky Sam, lucky me

Sammy came racing into the house, his tail all bushed out, running, as fast as Sammy can run, down the stairs to my office.  A cat fight, I thought.  But I hadn't heard any cat ruckus. Zak and Bu were sitting in the sun on the deck.  If there had been a fight, they'd be heading indoors, too.  Weird.  I went downstairs and called for Sam.. nowhere, he must be hiding.  I found him wedged behind some boxes.  I saw his eyes and then, I saw his poor sweet little face.  I carried him into the light.  An animal couldn't scrape his face up, not like that.  When I saw his frayed claws, worn to the quick, I knew he'd been hit by a car.  By that time, I also knew nothing was broken.  I'd already checked his back, his tail, his mouth.. everything.  I left him to hide under the bed for a bit while I considered what I knew, and what I didn't.  Then we headed to the vet and got a blood test and an x-ray, just to be sure.   We were SO lucky.  He's stiff, he's sore, he's frightened.  He looks beat up.  When dinner came around, he ate everything on his plate and finished what Zak left behind.  Appetite is always a good sign.  I was frazzled. The day took all the stuffing out of me.  I did what I always do when I have to chill.. I went for a walk.  More than any day so far this winter, I could feel spring pushing through.  The light is different, the stream is running strong between the still frosted banks.   Bright chartreuse moss is showing up where the snow has melted off.  After dusk, I stood on the deck, listening.  Any time now I expect to hear the first peepers.  No knitting.  Some music, some reading and a pot of tea.  Sam and I need sleep.

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Thank goodness Sam is alright! And thanks for titling your post that way so I knew before I kept reading that there was a happy ending. Peepers! I can't wait to hear peepers!

give that kitty a big kiss for me!

I'm so glad that your Sammy is all right. How scary to have that happen to a cat you love. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, too!

Poor Sam! I'm so glad to hear that he's (mostly) all right, though. Animals and cars are a scaaaary combination. (I lost Katy to a car when she chased her tennis ball right under its wheels--thank God it was an instantaneous thing, for her sake.) Give him a nice, gentle hug for me.

Whew! Close call - I'm so glad he is alright.

Looks like spring is not too far off - although we are having a mid-March snow here today. Nasty when I went to the barn this a.m. with sleety snow and wind. Brrr...


poor, POOR baby!!!

I am SO glad he's ok. Poor little guy!!


Big kiss on his teeny nose from Paula. :-)

It always amazes me how affected we are by the health of our animals. What a close call. Hopefully, that was only one life. We don't have the peepers here in Middle Earth yet either. Probably in another week. Still looks early, but our crocuses are out. The tulips and hyacinths are peeking through and the forsythia is budding. It's coming.

Oh poor little Sam! I'm glad he is alright. Take care of yourselves!

Yowza. How scary! I'm SO glad he's all right, or will be all right after some rest and recovery time. You, too. :-)

Nature has a way of bringing us balance and peace when we need it. Sammy is one lucky kitty! Thank goodness!

Oh lucky Sammy. I wonder if he will avoid the road from now on.

Glad Sammy is ok, and hopefully still has all nine of his lives intact! Your photos are beautiful...yep, the light is changing!

Glad to hear Sam is OK!
Spring must be such an exciting time of year there. Your world is starting to awake whilst mine is slowly falling into slumber.

Wow, and kudos to you for reading all the signs so well. You are one alert mommy.

aw, poor sweet cat! i'm glad to hear he's not seriously injured, though!

I'm glad Sammy is fine. That is SO scary. Too much of a close call.

The ground looks and feels different with a few centimeters of frost gone (I don't think it can be measured in inches yet.) Spring is trying very hard right now, like it is exercising stiff muscles after a long sleep.

Poor Sam!!! How is he doing? How scary!!!

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