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June 2006


The past few weeks have really cleaned out my yarn for sale page.  I've been trying to get stuff restocked and new colors up.  Last week I dyed reds.  I dyed a color I call 'Quince' and another called 'Bonfire'.  I dyed some pure silk as well as my merino / silk.  This week, everything is in the green family. I have no explanation for this, it just happens.  I went out to the barn thinkning I'd do blues, and by the time I got to the dyeing part, I was mixing up greens.  Today, I figured I'd skein them up, take the pictures and post them.  Matching colors in photos is harder than dyeing, believe me.  I've got four colors up and I'm exhausted.  Tomorrow is another day.  I just can't get the turquoise right.  Silk, because of the shine, always challenges me.  It often looks to bright, or too light.  Here they are, as close as I can get them. 

P1010636  Francis Williams

P1010645 Mosaic

P1010649 Bonfire

That's it for now.  I swear, the sun just came out.  I am out of here. Don't want to miss this event.


Kingdom Couture

After yesterday's deluge, and now the very wet extended forecast, it has become obvious to me that I if the sock and I are to trek, if I am to dye outdoors, pick berries, weed the garden, or do almost any activity outside of the house; I must add to my wardrobe.  A new raincoat, you might ask...
This is the newest addition to what I call my Kingdom Couture. 


Protects against flying, crawling, biting insects. Full cut pullover top with hood is made of 100% nylon no-see-um netting with adjustable elastic and cord-locks at wrists, hood, and waist. Bug repellent may be applied directly to the suit before wearing. Comes with no-see-um netting storage bag.

Nice, huh?  It should match my very demure net helmet perfectly.   Let no one say I'm not commited..  careful, ;-)

while the sun shines

The new battery charger arrived in time to recharge for a complete day of sun.  The garden posed, though the iris had been standing and waiting until it was near to exhaustion.  When I sat down to download the pictures I realized that I’ve absolutely lost track as to which drive the SD card masquerades.  Is it ‘E’, ‘F’, or ‘G’? How about ‘H’? or ‘I’? or ‘J’?  I can barely imagine a ‘J’ drive.  I remember when it was simple.  There was an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ drive.  Then things picked up, we had a ‘C’ drive.  That meant lots of memory and not much to remember.  Yep, then they made that virtual ‘D’ drive.  Sorry, I’m sure everyone else knows what the ‘D’ does.  Not me.  It’s just sort of there, protecting me, somehow.   Turns out, that this time it was ‘G’ and the rest of the alphabet is left as a mystery.  I’ll be loading new pics into the Garden Album, albeit slowly, dial up does that.   Here’s a peek.



The Trek-a-long socks have taken to carrying an umbrella.  They’ve seen car knitting, and barn knitting.  They’ve visited the Farmer’s Market.  They’ve watched quite a number of movies, most recently, Capote, Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion and Amelie.  I can recommend all.  The leg has been worked on 66 sts.  This is 6 sts. too many for my foot.  I’ll switch to 60 in a row or two and also step down one needle size for the sole of the foot.


Last night, before the weather changed back again, before the last 2-3 inches fell...



The past week I've raced up and down (or down and up and down) the highways of New England.  That's more or less my excuse for the lack of posts.   Highlights..?? well if you can call this a highlight, C managed to beat ALL ODDS and on one of the trips north, late Friday night, hit ANOTHER MOOSE with our brand new truck. Now, come on... how many people even see a moose?  Now, how many hit two in as many years?  Oh, and then there is the question of how many live to tell about it?  We have been exceedingly lucky on that score. 

There has been work.  There was a family reunion / picnic.  I have been knitting, spinning, a bit of carding and skeining up last weeks dyeing efforts.  That about sums it up.  Somehow, between here and there, I have misplaced my camera's battery charger.  I've ordered a new one (that usually gets the lost found), but it will limit the spontaneity of my photo shoots for a few days.


Finally, last night was Solstice.  By covering nearly every square inch of flesh and then spraying our clothing with insect repellent, we were able to stay outdoors last evening without giving too much to the blood sucking fiends. What's summer without a bonfire.



lucky orphan

This morning we had a few hosta deliveries to make. At one of the stops, the buyer was wearing a soft cotton backpack pouchy sort of thing backwards, or rather on her front.. the way a mother would carry her baby.  Hmmm... but what kind of baby?  Must be a baby in there.  The top was tied closed.. hmmm....  I asked.  OMG!  In spite of the bad rap some of the adults get, this baby is right up there on the cuteness scale.  And, if you could hear it purrrr....


If the "do you think you would be able... " question had come up, I don't think I could have said "no".  It snuggled right under my chin, and it purred.  Poor baby was found on the side of the road, alone, very wet, and very hungry.  Yesterday, it went to the vet, got it's shots and will eventually live in a wildlife preserve.  That's the plan.  For now, it's a bottle baby snuggled in a pouch.  The game warden advised that if the finder didn't want to deal with it, then just leave it there.  Nature would take care of it.  (oh, and yes.. I do know about racoons, and what they can do, and... and.. but it purred.)

Check out this book: beautiful dyeing on silk, the shibori way.


Wings of the Swan


Don't even think about telling me if you can spot a mistake.  Unless, that is, it is the kind of dropped stitch sort of thing that will result in the whole piece unraveling.  Then, you can tell me.  I do enjoy working on this pattern. Keeps my interest.  At this point I need to check on my exact yardage.  It will determine the midpoint of this project.  It may have to be the Wings of the Swan scarf.  (Carol R. stop laughing.  I am NOT the only person this happens to, really.)

lace, and more lace

To all of you who are basking in warm, sunny weather... Here in the north, where the wood stove is still cranking and the sun is.. well, the sun isn't anything at all and the rain is nearly continuous; there is beauty and there is lace.




rainy day lace


Looks like this is it for pictures for now.  I tried for over an hour last evening to download images to Typepad and again this morning,  no luck.  Is it just my dial-up or anyone else having any problems??? 

The lace continues.. the dyeing also.  Pictures when possible.  Stay dry... yeah right.

what the cows say

Since it wasn't exactly raining today, more like drizzle or mist hung in the air, and the weatherman started the day by telling us that today was our window of better weather; I did what any stir crazy animal would do.  I headed outside to see what I could get done in the window.  Planting except for containers that could be filled with soil premixed a few days ago and kept dry in the barn, was out of the question.  I planted the containers.  Then, I walked to the mailbox.  The cows were lying down.  So much for the weatherman.  I'll bet on the cows. 


Gray days are extraordinarily beautiful  The light is magic. 


P1010536_1 P1010538

I turned on the burner under the dye pot and set about dyeing three different red colorways (two in the merino / silk lace weight and one in the 100% silk)  and eight skeins of the Verdigris in the lace weight silk.  Not bad for a window kind of day.