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Sock on the rocks

Finally, the weather was SO beautiful that the sock and I went on a real trek.  I took the sock along to just about my favorite spot, of all spots, the rocks of Sachuest Point.  I've been walking these rock cliffs for many (many) years, long before it became a wildlife preserve.  It was, as much of this country's coastal property once was, a military site.  Bunkers, like mole hills dotted the landscape.  It was a great place to explore.  The gun turrets have washed away in one hurricane or another and if there had been a lookout, it too has been gone for longer than I've known this place.  Back then, The land, the rock cliffs, the heath and the stone beaches were unlike anything I'd ever seen elsewhere.  I fell in love with this place.  Through the years, I've snorkeled off the rocks for mussels, sunbathed high up on the ledges, hiked the trails, and best of all.. searched for rocks.  I've never left without a 'new' rock or two or as many as my pockets can hold.   Some people do shells, I do rocks. 






Then we walked though this..
The smell of a whole field of blooming milkweed is overwhelming, lilac and jasmine. 

On the way home, the sock and I stopped at one last place.  The prettiest yarn shop I know.  I needed a needle, it was on the way, sort of.




Aaah, Sakonnet Purls. "Sort of" on the way home, or more like a detour? ; )

Never been there, but lordy! How can I not now plan a trek only to see the place for myself. Wow does that front door do something to me. Do they have a kid area, or at least a chair where I can plonk himself with a book while I shop?

What a fabulous shop and your trek is in such a beautiful spot! Rocks are more my thing, too.

Lovely trek - and I adore the rocks - as usual. The yarn shop is just what I imagine a yarn shop to look like.

Distinctive rocks. I would have taken them home, too.

That yarn shop looks like a must-visit.

Beautiful photos - and that yarn shop is the cutest!

A day full of beauty from start to finish. Lucky you! But won't you tell us a little more about the shop? :-)

My favorite favorite favorite yarn shop in the whole world!

looks like a lovely trip "... needed a needle, it was on the way, sort of...."
LOL, I know what you mean.

Hey! I live about 20 minutes away from Sakonnet Purls and have been even known to work there when I have time. :) Fabulous place. Louise is a wonderful character.

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