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change in the weather


Living in the Northeast, I usually think of our weather coming in from the west, northwest, southwest, west west.. somewhere west.  Of course, that is a gross generalization.  When we get weather from the northeast, it's a nor'easter.  Yesterday, it blew in uphill, from the south, all day.  Weather from the south nearly always brings wind, and it brings a change in the weather.  You can feel it coming, warm winds, too warm for the season.


Rain was forecast all day.  Not so, at 11:30 pm. I had one more thing I had to finish in the shop.  There were still stars peekng through, when I ran down to the barn.  Weird timing??  I knew I'd have an early morning and a busy day ahead.  If I wanted to get some skeins tied to soak for dyeing, they'd have to be done before I went to bed.  And, I had started a new pattern, oh my, that Marseilles pullover by Kathy Zimmerman has my name written all over it and I had fought all evening trying to make due without a cable needle.  I can't seem to get that cable without a needle technique.  I didn't know know where mine were, somewhere, and I needed down to the shop to make a one, or a couple while I was at it.   If C thought I was out of my mind, he held his tongue, grabbed his jacket and a flashlight, and joined my walk in the dark. 


By morning, the front had left us.  We were smack in the middle of the rain and I was out the door to the annual Turtle Fur sale.  I wanted to see what yarn they might have. They had a bit of coned wool form Jaegger at 50 cents a half cone.  I judge it well worth the effort.  With the falling rain came falling temps.  By the time I got around to dyeing, it was low forties, damp and miserable.  What a difference a day makes.  Time to move my operation indoors for the season.  I spent the afternoon skeining yarn, some already dyed and some in preparation for the next round of dyeing.  I only managed to get one batch of reds into the pot.  My fingers were freezing.   

Time to get the fire going.  I've got an exciting evening planned... I've got my new cable needle.


The cats assumed their travel positions and we drove north. It looks as if this year’s autumn show will be a dud for the leaf peepers.  The colors just aren’t there. There is almost a line of demarcation half way up the mountains. Everything above is leafless already; below.. gold, rusts to brown. My color forecast was completely wrong, I thought it would be a splendid show of color this year. Experts say TOO much rain; in past years the lack luster color was due to too little rain. None the less, the frost has held off here on my hill. Everywhere below, my neighbors have been hit. This is the small bonus I get from sitting high, my frost comes later. In return, I give up nearly 10 degrees on any given day, in any season.  My snow melts weeks later.  My daffodils are just peeking up while ½ mile away they bloom profusely. You live in Glacier Bay, my neighbors joke.  But, my beans are still coming.  The Turtlehead and a few lilies still bloom. It is the height of autumn.

The days are perfect for dyeing. I’m into fall colors in spite of the poor showing. I’ll post some as soon as they dry. Here’s a peek.  

Autumn  autumn (sold, sorry)

Aztec_gold  aztec gold

Caribe  and caribe.. it's been done a while, I just didn't get around to posting pics of it.

and a question..
Has anyone made the Marseilles Pullover from IK summer 06?  Any thoughts on it?

walk with me wednesdays


Owning a number of different spinning wheels, I have accumulated a lot of bobbins.  And, we all know that you can NEVER have enough bobbins. Last weekend I happened on this little drawer unit at IKEA. It is perfect for storing all my bobbins and other wheel related paraphernalia.  Each bobbin type has it's own drawer.   It comes in four colors.  The only one I saw was this green and it was on sale.
(Too bad that store didn't carry the bright red one.)  I like it so much I've entertained the thought of driving 45 minutes each way to get a second.  But. not. today.  Problem is, I need another item that won't be in for a week or so.  I'll make the trip then.  And THEN, this little cabinet will not be on sale. 

Some answers to the comments on the Corn Dish:

1. beat the eggs, milk flour & salt together with a whisk
2. add corn and blend well
3. put pad of butter in baking pan and preheat til melted and pan is very hot  (around 375-400 for maybe 10 min., you'll have to watch it)
4. pour mixture into a preheated baking dish or cast iron pan
5. Bake until it puffs up and the cracks (if there are cracks) dry.

Answers to the comments on my crocheted baskets and their occupants:

1. they are NOT embryos from outer space, but cicada shells

2. The fiber was natural, I don't remember what, I made them a while ago

I finally had time to re do my podcast list and download Cast On and a few others I enjoy.  I listened to an episode of Cast ON that I had missed.  It talked about finding one's muse.  Which brings me to my new theme for Wednesday.  I'll be doing a Walk with Me Wednesday.  I walk.  It is my time for reflection, and my exercise.  I almost always walk in the woods, it is my muse.  If not, I find a trail along the water, a back road or some such place.  I rarely walk on pavement.  Only when the ice is too bad to walk elsewhere, will I walk on paved roads.  Most of my ideas, the jumping off points for my thoughts, come from what I see in nature.  The Trek a long was a good start.  I don't propose that this be a kit a long.  But, if you care to, share your walks on Wednesdays.


This spot of light in an otherwise darker shaded wood caught my eye as I passed.  It seemed out of place, like the spot at the end of a rainbow.  I stopped and looked at it for a bit, then took this picture.  It wasn't until I was looking at it in Photoshop that I noticed the patch of red that showed through the trees.  What was it, I wonder.  Someone else on the trail? 


well... hmmmmm...

Every now and again, someone asks if I crochet.  It's difficult to answer.  I've made scarves.  I guess the only pattern I've ever tried to follow would have been for a potholder.  But, I have crocheted quite a lot of free form sculpture.  Rather large pieces, as a matter of fact.  I don't have any of them, anymore.  Somewhere in my files, I have pictures.  What I do have, are these....sort of an ongoing fascination.




Surprised??,  Don't all go screaming from this blog at once.  The next one is set in my mind.  I have the umm... specimen, but the fiber has been eluding me.  I need something dark greyish, hard, maybe with a bit of waxy shine.  The baskets are small, 1"-2".  Doesn't take much, I just can't find what I'm looking for.


Lunch was cause for poking around in the fridge.  This is what I came up with..

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 ear of corn
  • milk
  • maybe 1/3 c flour (who measures)
  • dill, salt, & pepper

Served with salsa and a beer.  On the deck. 

(Oh, prep. time: 5 min. )

swallowtail shawl



P1020261   P1020263


Swallowtail Shaw
pattern: Evelyn Clark
yarn:  2 skeins of my own hand-dyed lace wt merino/silk
needles: #5 circs.
beads:  coral dyed stones
shawl pins:  Leslie Wind

This is a small shawl, a "shawlette".  It was an interesting knit and I love the shawl.  I probably will knit another.  It would knit up nicely in almost any weight yarn.  The nupps gave me the most trouble.  Next time, I would think about experimenting with another bobble making method  and perhaps one size larger needle. 

off the needles

With my first cup of coffee (oh, come on now.... I'm sure that you didn't think I'd quit drinking the elixir of life forever....), I finished beading and binding off the Swallowtail.  She's had her bath and is now lounging on the deck.  I've never been one for blocking. I don't own any wires.  It IS time to put them on my list.  Maybe WITH proper blocking she'd be bigger, or her points, pointier.  This rendition is her first life.  Who knows, others may follow.  Glam shots, with accessories, will follow when she's dry.


Just so you don't think that I haven't been taking advantage of my time on FAST internet,  I'll let you in on what I have been doing.  Finally, I have a shopping cart attached to my Yarns for Sale page.  It's taken quite a lot of time to get each picture updated and linked.  I'm working on getting the rest of my inventory photographed and up.  The new lace weight two ply merino/ silk that I used on my Swallowtail, has been added.  I'm cleaning up my sidebars, reading lists, alongs, etc.  It all takes time, indoor time, and this time of year is too nice to be indoors.   


the shawlette

Everyday, I think that this shawl that is the size of a head scarf will be finished.


I'm binding off and still I'm about to quit for another day.  Tomorrow will be the day.  The shawlette will be blocked tomorrow.   


Knitting from the swift.  Why waste time using the ball winder when this is so easy.


Just in case you were you wondering if you saw it right...yes, the magpie in me is at it again.  hmmmm......

nupps are done

The return to broadband and the land of plenty of everything hasn't increased my time alloted to post.  It has increased my blog surfing, Pandora listening, Thai food consumption and a few other noteworthy pastimes.  (There has been lots of real work to catch up on, it hasn't all been fun and games.) For instance, on Saturday night, there was a Waterfire performance.  It was a warm, light jacket evening.  C and I went downtown, mostly to walk, listen to music, eat Kettlecorn and see the hoards gathered at the riverbank mesmerized by the bonfires reflecting in the river.  Lovely evening.  This version of fire, continues to attract tens of thousands of people month after month, year after year. 


By late morning Monday  I really needed a beach fix.  As I sat working in my office dreaming of an afternoon escape, Cindy called.  An hour later we were on our way to an afternoon of sitting in beach chairs, toes digging in the sand, knitting away.  Perfect.  The beach was socked in, foggy.  By 1:30 it had mostly burned off.  I had packed a lunch of apples, cheese and nuts under my knitting.  This time of year is my favorite beach time.  The crowds are gone, taking with them the traffic, parking attendants and lifeguards.  Its quiet.  Most of the kids are in school.  You have the beach pretty much to yourself.  If it weren't for the nupps,it would have been a completely relaxing afternoon. 


The nupps..... Finally. DONE.  I show you the two methods that I found to work for me. If I had come up with these two little additions on the first  nupp rows instead of the having to continually experiment, read that frustrate myself with my inability to pick up those nupps stitches on the returning purl row, maybe my feelings towards nuppiness would be different. 

The first, knitting with two needles in the right hand enabled me to keep the little yo's loose enough (barely) to be able to pick up on the next purl row.


The second, the itsy bitsy crochet hook, discovered on the last two nupp rows, worked much faster for purling the nupps stitches off the needle than the #2 or even the #1 dp that I used on all the preceding rows.


That saying, if I were to make this shawl again, remember I am NOT finished yet, I would probably use an entirely different method of nupp / bobble making.