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November 2006

walk with me wednesday

As I've mentioned to several of you, it isn't always possible to walk and post on Wednesday.  Sometimes, and this is one of them, I have to do my special walk beforehand.  Today's was walked Saturday.  Hope you aren't too disappointed.  ( Don't think that means I don't walk Wednesday too, I do.)

Today's walk is special to me, more of an amble, less of a walk.  It's already way too late to have pictures like these.  This has been such a funny year.  It was cold, quite cold, early in October.  Then came November and unseasonably warm temps mixed with sudden drops. There isn't any real snow on the ground.  That's what makes this walk special.  Soon, everything will be covered, white.  The pond froze quickly, when it finally did.  Almost as I watched.  Over the course of a few days, the ice crept over it.  The wind pushed the ice flow towards the spillway forming lines and folds.  Amazing stuff.  To give you an idea how fast this was, the pond is over 5 acres.  It kept it's clarity because there wasn't any snow fall during that time, nothing to cloud it.  Just the sky to reflect the most amazing colors.  I walked at the shoreline and was surprised to see frogs swimming away from me under the ice.  And, fish.  Like a peep hole into another world.






No, that is not a fire on the island.  Though it may be a mystical burning bush.  Light is amazing.

Then back to work cutting balsam.


The Shetland Shawl yet again

I took your collective advice and hard blocked the Shetland Shawl.  It does look better, a bit of the hump at the neck line has relaxed.  After looking at other Shetlands around blogland, I see that really there aren't any points.  I worried needlessly.  Here she is.  And for Laurie, a close up of the beads.




That should do it for The Shetland Shawl. 

In other news....


the season

What a wonderful holiday.  I love Thanksgiving and this was one of the best.  We were joined by a few very dear friends at our home for an afternoon and evening of food and conversation.  Lovely.  It wasn't raining or snowing.  There was a bit of snow on the deck and a dusting on the lawn.  The pond was icing over.  After dinner I started the stock for the next day's soup.  Then, dessert.  Coffee.  We knitted and played with spindles.  In the evening, the stars came out in force.  Wine.  We walked down to the shop and shared ideas and projects.  We looked at the sky.  Perfect.

Friday, I cut greens, balsam, spruce and cedar.  I loaded my window boxes and planters.  I cut for wreaths and for jobs ahead.  I tied and loaded them into the truck.  The smell.. oh my!   We ate turkey soup.  I covered the remaining planters in the gardens and we did our best to mouse proof the generator. We loaded more firewood onto the porch.  I chased Sammy off the ice.  Many times.  We had leftover salad with pears, blue cheese, cranberries and pecans.  More stars. 

More walks, some knitting and spinning, but just a bit.

The weekend was the lead in to my holiday madness, the business of decorating our clients places of business.  The welcome calm before the storm.  The next week or so.  Non-stop.  I'm figuring that this year, with the poorer economy, it won't be quite as hectic as usual.  In between bows and trees, preparation and installations, there should be time to sneak in some dyeing.  If my hands hold out, I'll try to knit before bedtime.  There will be walking.  The red flocking on the ribbon raises havoc with my sinuses.  I must clear my head.   And the soup.. I'll be happy to have the leftover in my freezer.

The Christmas stocking would be more fun to knit in wool, but I'm practical.  There will be melted chocolate in it at some point.  Or something.  Over the years, a stocking has been knit for every member of the family.  This is my great nephew's first Christmas. 

and a shot of the back of the heel..

saturday sky


After weeks of grey, the sun has returned.  It's cold and snappy and glorious.  I feel as if I should be up at dawn ( a pretty easy thing to do when it comes so late) to take advantage of as much daylight as I can during these short, short days. 

What's on the needles.....???  a big striped Christmas stocking!

the Shetland Shawl


I loved knitting this pattern.  It is nearly mindless, a simple repeat, over and over.  I would use the stitch again.  However, and this may be my shawl only, there is something wrong with the shape of the center top.  I haven't gotten it to straighten out.  I soaked the shawl and I've steamed it.  I have not blocked and pin dried it.  I haven't ever hard blocked a project so haven't gotten together the tools.. this shawl will force the issue.  What this means, though, is that the back rolls down a bit forming a sort of shawl collar.  Quite nice, but not what I expect it to do.  You'll also notice that the tips haven't blocked into points. 

Yarn: 80% alpaca / 20% silk  hand dyed  (my yarn)
Needles: #7 circs.
about 300 glass beads



Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't top these photos taken by the AP through the years.  Here are the lucky turkeys  from the past few years..  enjoy!

Ap_us_bush_turkey_pardon_22nov06_210                                                      President Bush pets 'Flyer' after pardoning ceremony in Rose Garden, 22 Nov. 2006

"This morning I am granting a full presidential pardon so they can live out their lives as safe as can be," the president announced.


and my all time favorite...


Have a safe and warm holiday.   

walk with me wednesday

This time of year is so hectic, I really need my walks.  The weather has turned around again and the temperatures are umm... cold seasonal,  nothing extraordinary, balmy compared to what is to come.  I've taken to wearing my halfmits, tucking my finger tips up inside when they get too cold.  And layers.  I'm holding out on hats.  I try to get out early enough for the warmer part of the day but it just doesn't seem to happen.  My walks start out in the strong shadowed high contrast light and end with the sun just starting to fall behind the hills.  There was still frost on a wet hillside that crunched underfoot. 







Zak doesn't give up real estate easily.  Here he is demonstrating why walks are so important this time of year. Every room is a workroom or storeroom.  It's a bit crowded.

something new..

See the new banner??  Don't worry, nothing here is permanent.  Banners are like the New England weather.  All that greenery in my banner just seemed so out of season.  Every now and again I see something I want to use for a bit and change is easy.   

I'm casting off the Shetland Shawl.  Maybe if I keep it next to me at my desk, and if there are enough phone calls... then just maybe I can get it done and steamed during daylight.  I have had such trouble getting the colors to record properly.  It would be nice to get a picture of it in natural light. 

If you haven't been over to Carole's, check out the little surprise she had for me.  Besides, there are some great pics of Dale modeling his Hypotenuese shawl.  It may be great man lace, but I think I have to make one for myself.  It's getting cold sitting around knitting in the evenings.  Looks like a perfect shawl to drape over my shoulders.  The pattern is by Anne over at Knitspot

the Shetland Shawl continues..


Can you see them?  The edging is taking a long time.  Stringing the beads goes quickly.  The part that takes the time is placement,  sliding each bead up and making sure it is not only on the right stitch, but that it is on the right leg of the stitch.  All on the wrong side of the piece.  After a while you can sort of feel the right spot.  Then the pattern changes.  I had figured out the approximate number of beads I would use (150-160) before I decided to add a few more repeats.  I thought I'd covered myself.  Wrong.  I figure I need about 60 more beads.  With a centerpull ball it is still possible.  I'll have to add them onto the loose end in the center, then rewind the ball while sliding the additional beads up to the working area of the yarn.  More time.  I'd like the shawl for Thanksgiving.  If I can get myself out of the office and away from all the business holiday prep this evening, it should be done.  Or maybe... Tuesday.

Shetland Shawl

U.N.C.L.E.  !!!
Its been dark and damp and rainy for enough days now that I am nearly stir crazy.  As soon as I post this I am out of here for a walk in whatever mother nature has to throw at me. 

The Shetland Shawl should have been finished last night.  Should have and could have if I hadn't decided that I would make it a bit larger.  I completed the suggested number of repeats and in spite of the fact that I know that alpaca grows.... it looked awfully small.  The Shetland is a lot like the Swallowtail, it would make great neck jewelry, scarf-ish.  Very nice.  I want bigger.  I don't quite know how much yet, but I'll know when I get there.  I will string my beads (bright gold glass ones) onto the next skein of yarn, before I continue.  The last course, the edging pattern will be beaded.  This not only satisfies my magpie leanings, it also helps to give lace weight yarns the bit of extra drape they seem to need to fall well. 

As I walked through the kitchen looking for a dry and maybe bright place to take a pic of it, I glanced at the fruit bowl.  Is it just me????



It's time for a walk, isn't it? 

ps. Dad, is it a gift or an affliction??  (just kidding, I love it.)