walk with me wednesday
the Shetland Shawl continues..

Shetland Shawl

U.N.C.L.E.  !!!
Its been dark and damp and rainy for enough days now that I am nearly stir crazy.  As soon as I post this I am out of here for a walk in whatever mother nature has to throw at me. 

The Shetland Shawl should have been finished last night.  Should have and could have if I hadn't decided that I would make it a bit larger.  I completed the suggested number of repeats and in spite of the fact that I know that alpaca grows.... it looked awfully small.  The Shetland is a lot like the Swallowtail, it would make great neck jewelry, scarf-ish.  Very nice.  I want bigger.  I don't quite know how much yet, but I'll know when I get there.  I will string my beads (bright gold glass ones) onto the next skein of yarn, before I continue.  The last course, the edging pattern will be beaded.  This not only satisfies my magpie leanings, it also helps to give lace weight yarns the bit of extra drape they seem to need to fall well. 

As I walked through the kitchen looking for a dry and maybe bright place to take a pic of it, I glanced at the fruit bowl.  Is it just me????



It's time for a walk, isn't it? 

ps. Dad, is it a gift or an affliction??  (just kidding, I love it.)


So it's a pineapple shawl, eh?

Yeah - I'm pretty much fed up with gray, despite my determination to find beauty in all things. Enough with the all day twilight, for heaven's sakes!

That resemblance is really pretty surprising!

Patterns!! the mind works in patterns...they are everywhere if we just look....

Wow, that's pretty cool.

I was so glad when the sun came out for a couple of hours this afternoon. I really needed that bit of brightness.

love it when that happens....great photos!

I am completely tired of the gray, we are supposed to have sunshine finally and I intend to enjoy it.

We are having the same problem here in NE Minnesota. Yesterday, I had to start a fire in my wood stove, not for heat, but for the light, which seems close enough to sunlight to keep me from crawling into a hole and pulling it in after me. Or, just curling up in a blanket and hibernating until the sun comes out again. The powers that be said that might be Sunday. Hope, hope, hope. After three days of no sun, I get a bit cranky.

Alpaca does grow. Beads will help. The pineapple colors are amazing. I hadn't looked closely before.

That pineapple looks positively alien! Nice photo. :-)

The shawl and the pineapple look great! ;) Have a nice time out and a great weekend.

While I think few other than you would have made the connexion, now that mention it.....yeah!

you take THE best photos!

It never occurred to me until now that my laceweight shawls do tend to bunch up on my sweater or jacket. Hmmm ... maybe I'll venture out into beads. Good thought.

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