the Shetland Shawl continues..
walk with me wednesday

something new..

See the new banner??  Don't worry, nothing here is permanent.  Banners are like the New England weather.  All that greenery in my banner just seemed so out of season.  Every now and again I see something I want to use for a bit and change is easy.   

I'm casting off the Shetland Shawl.  Maybe if I keep it next to me at my desk, and if there are enough phone calls... then just maybe I can get it done and steamed during daylight.  I have had such trouble getting the colors to record properly.  It would be nice to get a picture of it in natural light. 

If you haven't been over to Carole's, check out the little surprise she had for me.  Besides, there are some great pics of Dale modeling his Hypotenuese shawl.  It may be great man lace, but I think I have to make one for myself.  It's getting cold sitting around knitting in the evenings.  Looks like a perfect shawl to drape over my shoulders.  The pattern is by Anne over at Knitspot


Good luck finishing the shawl! And thanks for linking over to me. I'm glad you were happy with your surprise.

You know, I didn't click on the link, but that Judy was you? Wasn't it a cool post? And I'm thinking the same thing as you are about that man lace... I'd like one for myself. I like your new banner.. it has my chocolate sheep in it.

That Carole, she's so thoughtful.

What a wonderful suprize for all of us to see and hear about your ancestor. Your headers are always so cool and appropriate. It's eye candy every day around here.

The Man Lace looks perfect for up here.

Love the Shawl. The colours are really warming me up.

Carole is a sweetie :-) Like you I'm considering making myself some manLace, my man won't wear it - silly boy.

I like the new banner, and I definitely think Carole's man lace is very unisex.

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