Shetland Shawl
something new..

the Shetland Shawl continues..


Can you see them?  The edging is taking a long time.  Stringing the beads goes quickly.  The part that takes the time is placement,  sliding each bead up and making sure it is not only on the right stitch, but that it is on the right leg of the stitch.  All on the wrong side of the piece.  After a while you can sort of feel the right spot.  Then the pattern changes.  I had figured out the approximate number of beads I would use (150-160) before I decided to add a few more repeats.  I thought I'd covered myself.  Wrong.  I figure I need about 60 more beads.  With a centerpull ball it is still possible.  I'll have to add them onto the loose end in the center, then rewind the ball while sliding the additional beads up to the working area of the yarn.  More time.  I'd like the shawl for Thanksgiving.  If I can get myself out of the office and away from all the business holiday prep this evening, it should be done.  Or maybe... Tuesday.


I can see 'em!

OOooooo yes!! Lovely lovely little additions. What wonderful fall leaf colors!

Very Thanksgiving type colors. It will be beautiful for the holiday!

The beads are subtle, but I LIKE that. It looks absolutely amazing . . . so, so pretty!

Pretty candy corn mix colors...mmmm....

The beads are lovely. And this shawl will be perfect for Thanksgiving.

I can see them too- perfect Thanksgiving wear.

Beautiful! What a perfect Thanksgiving shawl.

Those colors are perfection! Love that. Hope you get it finished in time for Turkey Day!

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